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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1930803
Thou Shalt Not Kill

        Cindy12 was a biotech success. In the years after the great famine and
  global wars. Only a few could reproduce. There was a shortage of women.
  Advanced bio engineers had strived to increase the fertility rate with artificial
  life forms. Cindy12 was cross bread between human cells and chimpanzee
  DNA. Her fertility was exceptional. However, many felt such mutations meant
  the extinction of the human race. Cindy12 had a lifespan of 50 years.

        Her reproductivity begain at puberty. The mutants out numbered the
  humans. Society had evolved into a two tier order. Humans were of the first
  tier and controlled the resources of the government. Cindy12 was called
  "Biotech" and treated as property. Cindy12 intelligence excelled
  in the high-tech cities. Many high level official enjoyed her cute wit.
  Cindy12 looked like a school girl.
  But, in her culture she was a mother and middle age.
        How foolish she must have felt playing the school girl for the elite city
  officials. It gained her access to their command centers and secret plans
  to reduce the Biotech population. Her children's lives were in jepardy.
  Cindy12 was schooled in the Bible. The elite used the scriptures to keep
  her people obedient. She knew the commandment, "Thou shalt not kill."
  But, God had commanded Abraham to kill and Moses and Joshua.
  Cindy12 was torn by her keepers lust for control and the threat of
  genocide for her people. Could she save her people, like Ester ?
  Or must she kill as Joshua slaughtered the people of Jericho?

      She knew the weakness of the human immune system. Years of
  radiation poisoning and biological wars had made them weak to the simplest
  virus. A flue and had been kept a secret . It had little effect
  on biotech mutants. She watched the reports of mass infections ..
  Her people's chimpanzee blood was immune.
  Had she murdered? Or was this the wrath of God?

      In the passage of time, the human race was extinct and the Biotech
  Cindy12 strain lived on. Who would judge them?

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