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by Maja
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Superstition and the people of the cost region of Kenya
Travelling down in Kilifi County of Kenya, bordering the Indian Ocean towards the town the locals call it Malindi here you may be shocked by the facts of a lot of acronyms of the local language in the sense of so called superstitions.

Never than said, a superstition hear is always associated with evil spirits, on this same Land evaded by the locals tribes of the Agiriama, or you can call them the Mijikenda have been living in fear of which craft and evil spirit for decades and still this is the current trend talk of this communities.

Let me tell you the untold, my friend, do you know why all this is happening?  It’s because of power and leadership and people will always be underestimated and the behind the seen will be not known nonetheless varnished in the thin air. Everyday life here looks normal and you may wonder all what is happening visa vi the rumours and this is what is said the untold and still a lot you don’t know yet because  the locals have accepted the way of living here.

However these things happen in this part of the region which the explanations will always be evil spirit are being associated by MAJINI a Kiswahili word. Which mostly people they are some link to the Muslim who live here and this is also not proven correct and it remains a myth.
The carnivore, mostly known as home pets are the track of the night evil oh! My nerves, these creatures are being sent in the form of an animal but a human being. Whose then goes into the small penetration of the houses always at the top and will change its self to a human being when it reaches the inside, and do the opposite of the drama. This is still the untold keep me on bored for next article on the same will be expounding on the same issue.
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