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2/2002 A divorce story of a man attempting to free himself.
I gave you my heart once and you returned it,
wrapped up in our divorce papers.
The ties that first kept us together now speak separation
         and I'm never coming home again.
Nothing's sacred anymore.

The ship we boarded after we were wed
now takes me to an island where I can forget.
In the waves of the ocean I feel
the weight of the ash that was once paper,
now burning and charred like I was
on the night you said your final goodbye.

I never meant to hurt you, or push you too far
in the wrong direction.
Who's to say what my future holds now. I know
all the "I'm sorry's" I can say won't mend us.
         You're never coming home again.
I'll love you always. Will you ever forgive me?
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