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Do you believe in Magic?

I know about MAGIC. It happens unexpectedly, and without warning. It is best defined as a unique, and random, convergence of people, location, and attitude that come together at a single point in time. A treat sampled far too infrequently because we are not often emotionally available to participate.

Magic may happen with anyone, a total stranger, a friend, or even a group of people who you have known for years. It can last for a moment, stretch into days, sometimes weeks, and infrequently longer. It’s magic because it is rarely, if ever, recreated. We long for, remember, and talk about the experience for the rest of our lives.

I have been there on rare occasions, and those moments were breathtaking. I was lost in a capsule of time containing all things wonderful, concentrated into an unmeasured space that was shared with one, or more harmonious souls.

Occasionally it was love related. In that time I was adored so much it hurt. I ached, and craved an unending supply. My heart pounded accompanied by singing emotions, my soul smiled wide with contentment. It was better than all else imaginable.

Every touch was electrifying. There were long wet kisses as I melted into the arms of another, freely and without reservation. Passion exploded, and I wanted eternity. Intense emotion without rationality; I simply let go.

More often, Magic may happen with a single friend, or a group who naturally connect is some unplanned way enabling them to share something that will unlikely be duplicated again. They may dance, laugh, sing, and experience something special that is devoid of all things negative.

Unfortunately it is a transient experience. At some point it stops, usually when the chain of connection is severed through sleep, separation, or the end of an activity. The let down leaves you wanting as the diminishing intensity vaporizes into a lasting memory.

Magic is actually the absence of emotional noise, and negative thoughts, allowing us to open ourselves to unencumbered possibilities without feelings of fear. Like love it is never an individual experience.

Why don’t we experience more magic?

I think the portal to Magic is available more than we realize. However, we need emotional freedom, personal security, and psychological sincerity to open the door. When the crack widens during some elevated, but emotionally composed moment, one is simply able cross the threshold without reservation, and discovers a rare, but amazing, life experience.

Sadly, many people never experienced magic because they are too emotionally encumbered, and lacking in serenity. If we eliminated resentment, let the past be, and purge blame from our conscience, we could attain magic over, and over again.
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