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finding love with someone the same and yet different

The darkness closed in all around. I felt blood running down my arm on to the ground. Cool and hot, wet and dry all at once. The blood started dripping off my fingers and onto the snow which is now stained red with little droplets. Little drops of red rain falling. I looked up and the stars looked the same as the snow white, to white to understand how it can be so pure when the world is so dark. No sound except the retreating footstep of the unspoken one. I drop to my knees with sudden weakness the blood loss is to much to handle. My eyes close as I drift off into peace.
I woke up to a street light coming in threw my curtains and a knock at my door.
"Yeah..." I said grumpily as i saw my clock only said 1 AM. My exes new toy Lucas walked in.
"Coraline?" It was more a question than anything.
"Who else would it be?" i said still trying to awake fully I let out a little yawn and stretched making my shirt rise up a little over my stomach.
He answered laughing a little "Well with how often you bring home girls i couldn't tell if you were alone or not."
"Well is it my fault i get more girls in a week then you get all year Lucas.?"
" No, I guess not but it is your fault you wont settle down" Lucas said all of a sudden to serious for my liking.
"I'm only 22 ill settle down when i find somebody worth settling down with." I snapped back. The tone in my voice reminding him that he's dating the girl I was dating behind my back
"Sorry...i wasn't trying to you know, start anything."
Sighing "I know, so what did you need"
He looked confused for a split second as i looked at him "Oh you have company should i let her in?"
I jumped up out of bed falling into my end table as i did. I grabbed my jeans off the floor and asked "Who...who is it?"
"i don't know she said her name was Asheley but.."
"but what?"
"She doesn't look like a asheley." laughing he left my room and "yelled she's in her room!!" to a person i didn't know.
Just as i was buttoning my jeans she was in my door way.
"Asheley? Um do... do i know you?" I was stunned she was about 5'5 with long silky black hair flowing down to the middle of her back. But what made me the most speechless was her eyes. Deep blue like the ocean, no like a glacier drifting on the ocean. I was so lost in her eyes that when i came back around i heard her finishing a sentence.
"...UP!!!!!" Yelled Asheley.
Oh crap i said to myself i don't even know this girl and I've already made her mad
. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"
She took a step forward "YOU....STOOD...ME...UP!!!"
"What are you talking about, believe me i wouldn't have stood you up...ever. Your.. your breathtaking.." i added.
She seemed taken aback at that and blushed slightly. "But you didn't show up, so you did stand me up." she said much more quietly than her previous yelling.
"Stand you up for what. I haven't met you before now Asheley." I reached down and picked up a tank top off the floor i then pulled off my shirt reveling my dark red bra to her. Staring at her for i second i saw a slight blush creep across her face i then put on the tank top and stared at her.
"Um.." she started to say as she blushed deeper. I though wow even cuter . She then pulled out her phone and handed it to me "Just look"
I looked down at her phone text messages between her and a guy named Chris were already up on the screen.
I read the messages slowly..
( Hey :( : Asheley 10:14
( Hey? : Chris 10:17
( I'm really upset calm me down please : Asheley 10:19
( WHATS WRONG :Chris 10:20
( jes broke up wit me i no we only dated two weeks its just i want a girl who knows how to treat me :( right : Asheley 10:22
( well honestly i though jes was bad for you anyway : Chris 10:22
( really then why didn't u say anything before :Asheley 10:24
( you seemed happy i didn't want to rock the boat :Chris 10:26
( i waz happy now im just upset not cause of the break up but cause of the way i was treated : 10:31 Asheley
( hmm ill brb i have a idea:10:32 Chris
( ok?? :10:33 Asheley
( ok back i have a idea be at quick tonight at 11 and watch for the blonde on stage playing drums that's my friend she's awesome and i know she will go for you and the best part is she's single now :10:47 Chris
( ok she know im coming :10:49 Asheley
( yea you better hurry if you want to make it: 10:50 Chris
( ok thanx 10:50 asheley
I looked up at her with my mouth slightly open with shock. She walked closer to me just inches away and i felt a chill go threw my body. I felt her breath out and i felt warm as it reached me. She reached out and took her phone back and slide it in to her jeans pocket.
"See, you stood me up"
She looked like she was about to cry if she hadn't been crying already.
"Look Asheley i do know Chris but i haven't spoken to him in about a week. Now granted i do play shows at quick but never on Thursdays." I took a deep breath in as i continued speaking as i took her hand in mine.
" Now with that being said i am officially asking you out and if you give me a few minutes to get shoes and a coat on id be more than happy to do that now."
"I don't want a pity date" she said blushing again.
"It isn't a pity date i am really wanting to take you out and show you it wasn't me who was standing you up. It was a misunderstanding, he thought he could set us up by telling you to show up and by telling you that i knew. He gave you some confidence and i hope you keep that confidence til the end of the date "I said.
I was tying my shoes, then i grabbed my hoodie and her hand and said
"lets go."
She smiled for the first time as since we have met. Then we left my house and walked out the door.
We got out side and i looked around and stopped dead in my tracks.
"How did you know where i lived?"
"I called Chris and he dropped me off... i was upset. Ill understand if you don't want to go out now cause that was kind of weird now that i think about it."
Asheley said blushing again. I felt my heart go out to her a little bit and i couldn't help but feel actually happy that fate made her get mad enough to actually come to my house. I walked up to my car and opened the passenger side door for her and said
" Of course i still want to take you out and it wasn't weird it was kind of flattering actually" i smiled and as she got in the car i shut the door slowly and walked around and got in, started the car and backed up out of my drive way. We drive in complete silence for a few minutes.
I felt a little awkward with how quite it was so I laughed and started to talk trying to fill the silence.
"so Chris thought we would be a good match. He never tried to set me up before but then again i never had a problem on my own before either Ash." She giggled and said
"Nobody's ever called me that before coraline"
"Im sorry."
She grabbed my hand quickly before she realized what she was doing and said
"Please don't be sorry i liked it made me feel special even though we just met im already comfortable with you." I squeezed her hand softly and looked at it. I didn't relive it before but her skin was creamy white. So pale but she has black nail polish on and it looked good against her skin tone. My heart started to speed up as i thought of how to answer that i then said
" How comfortable Ash?" I said it again with a little hint of excitement in my voice causing it to crack.
"Very." she said giggling again. She looked around and asked
"Where are we going?"
"To Quick of course. Isn't that where we were supposed to go to begin with?" i asked raising my eyebrow slightly wondering if she already had other plans for me.
"Quick is good. i just didn't know what time they closed Coraline. It was only my second or third time there tonight, and all i did was wait at the bar watching the band waiting for yours to come on and play."
"well like i said we only play certain days usually Sundays the occasional Friday show."
That's good to know now. I like music and girls in band are hot. Instruments are a turn on." she said again with a shy smile spreading on her face. I could tell she was flirting and i was loving it. Usually when i saw a girl i liked i was the predator always on the chase for the one girl who would be worth it. But so far every girl has been a fling and not usually worth the time i spent with them. They didn't hold a conversation and gave up on my weirdness and humor style to soon to see that i was actually worth it. Well all except one.
Suddenly my mind went back to when i was thirteen at a camp for the summer. Sitting around a camp fire and actually noticing a girl for the first time. Then i was back in the car. The flashed of the past make me worried sometime getting more and more real and frequent. I pulled into the Quick parking lot and smiled at her hoping she didn't notice my blank stare for the last minute or two.
"Stay..." she gave me a puzzled look but stay in the car. I got out and walked around. Again i held open the door for her and held out my hand. She took it happily and i helped her out of the car. She kept smiling and said
"nobody has ever done that before for her". I looked at her and very seriously said
"Well i see how people sometimes treat there girlfriends or boyfriends badly or like there not even together and i want them to know that i care enough to at least try."
She nodded as we walked to the club entrance as if she understood. I was surprised most girl talked to were ditzy to say the least. All not to bright just another pretty face lost in the crowd i was searching threw. She was actually taking in every word i said saving it in the back of her mind. As if i was actually interesting enough for anybody to do that, but it made me happy actually knowing that she was listing. Somebody was actually listing to me like nobody else has before.
Chapter 3. QUICK
We made our way to the front of the club line and she just stared at me
"Coraline" she whispered in my ear " the line starts back there "She pointed to the way back of the line. I looked but then I pretended i didn't hear her and walked right up to the bouncer with her walking behind me slowly. I nod to ashely behind me
"She's with me tonight Brandon" i fist bump his hand and he unhooked the rope and let us in. The crowd we passed starting talking to him a little mad we were let in and there are waiting in line still. Asheley looked at me with surprise on her face.
"im in a band we play here remember.. It has its perks at times especially when trying to impress a girl"
"And you do that often? Try to impress girls i mean?" she said as she looked into my eyes searching for a honest answer.
"Not really. Most girls in this town don't need to be impressed exactly before they do what you want them to do" i said as i raised my hand and called a waitress over.
"what is it you want them to do?" Asheley asked curiously.
"Nothing really mostly dating, sometimes sex." i said trying to gauge her response.
"Sex!! Oh so your like a player then" sounding kind of sad.
"NO " i said kind of offended "I've been , well its hard to explain to someone i just met. But im not a player i just haven't met anyone in a long while that i want to try to be more with." The waitress walked over finally noticing me calling her. I ordered vodka straight feeling like our conversation was going somewhere i don't really want it to go yet. She ordered a water and the waitress walked away and brought them back fast. Before she left i ordered another drink already downing my first .
"You don't have to explain...yet anyway" As she took a sip of her water the music started to get louder and louder as the crowd was being let in from out side. She looked at me about to say something but she stopped her self. I was getting kind of nervous with the silence.
"Want to dance" i yelled over the noise so she could here me. She just nodded yes in response. She grabs my hand before i have a chance to stand up and pulls me to her. Next thing i know were dancing and im grinding slightly against her as the bass on the song get heavier. I can feel the bass pumping threw my body. I put my arms on her hips as she runs her fingers threw my blond hair.
We sway our hips together at the same time to the beat. The song changes and we change our dance style a little bit, not wanting to stop dancing. I start to feel sweat pouring off my forehead and she pulls me closer. My heart starts beating faster and faster as i feel her head start to rest on my shoulder. I gasp. The way Asheley held me close felt so right. I was trying to slow my breathing to a more normal level when she lifts her head to look at me. I stare back in to her eyes and im speechless again.
Her eyes are sparkling with every flash of the strobe light around us. I don't know what made me do it. Just a hour before i had just met this girl but that didn't matter to me. Her eyes held me in her gaze as i leaned in and i kissed her lips. They were soft like silk and my knees suddenly went weak. I held on to her tight trying to stable myself against her as we kissed. I felt her smile as we did. I opened my mouth slightly and she slid her tounge in slowly almost questionably. I let it enter without a fight. I moved my tounge around here's feeling the warmness of our shared breath becoming increasinagially heavy. I backed up feeling her move with me.
My hands starting moving from her hips up and down her back. Then my back was against a cold wall and she had my hands in hers held above my head. Holding them in place i was shocked. We made out for a little while and i never felt more attracted to a girl then at that moment but i sopped and pushed her away slowly. She looked hurt and she turned to walk away. I followed her out side before i yelled.
"Ash." She turned around with a few tears flowing for her eyes. She was upset and she let it show.
"Im sorry," i started saying but i was cut off
"How can you be sorry, you pushed me away when we were in the middle of..in the middle of something i thought was going somewhere."
"It was going somewhere Asheley its just,"
"Just what Coraline?"
"I want something more than a one night stand with you. I feel like if i let you... if i lets us keep going it wouldn't go past this night.. this moment.., that moment we shared was special and i want many more. I stopped you so we didn't go to far to fast."
"We aren't going to fast Coraline were going how fast i want to go. How i think we both want to go. Don't you want to um.. you know be with me?"
"Of course i do. Anybody would be blind to not want to be with you sexually. Its just there's something about you....and its drawing me to you and i don't want to ruin what we have going."
"I understand that, and i feel that way to." she grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes.
"We can wait to do anything if you want?"
"I want to wait. For a while at least." I said as i turn around and start to walk away with a sly grin creeping across my face.
"So you coming. Babe?" i turn around and look at her. I sigh as she watches me walking away. I see she isn't following so i grab her hand and lead her to my car. As we get in and drive i asked where she lives. She tell me
"821 minor avenue." I drive her home and crank the radio. She starts singing to every song and i just listen to her not saying everything actually enjoying her singing. Thinking she's getting more and more adorable while she does. I drop her off and kiss her cheek. She giggles and walks to her door smiling. I drive back home and walk into my room ignoring Lucas asking how my date was i lay down and fall asleep fast thinking of Asheley in my dreams that night.
I wake up around noon. In a sleepy daze i was wondering if the night before had been a lucid dream or reality. I get up and take a shower and when i come back to my room to dress i check my phone. I have two messages from a unknown number.
( hey coraline :) : 815-237-7789
( text when you wake up.. its asheley btw lol : 815-237-7789
I saved her number and quickly texted her back. We agree to met for lunch at a small coffee house near my place. I spend the next twenty minutes trying to decide what to wear. I finally settled on a red and black plaid skirt and a button down black shirt with black sneakers. I was thinking nice, sexy and not formal. I quickly drive to the coffee house and realize im a little early. Oh well i thought. I walked in anyway and ordered a coffee and grabbed a table in the back. A few minutes later in walked Asheley. She was even more gorgeous then the night before. She was wearing blue jeans and a plain grey t-shirt. I waved to her
"Ash! over here" i smiled as i waived her over. She walked over saying
"Im sorry for being late."
"Your not late. I was to excited to see you again i came early." i looked down blushing. Im start to feel embarrassed thinking i was reviling how much i actually missed her. Smiling she said
"I was excited to. I think i even ran a red light."
"Really? Well that doesn't surprise me im just that awesome."
"Yeah you really are." she said blushing she quickly kissed my cheek and sat down across from me. I leaned across the table and kissed her lips slowly. She looked at me surprised but smiled anyway. I took a sip of my coffee and she said
"So i have like a major surprise for you."
"What's that hun?"
"Well i cant show you, or tell you here."
"Then where?'
"The woods.." I was studying her face as she said that and i was more than curious.
"Before or after the coffee?" i asked.
"After. Were gonna need our energy for the hike." I looked up from my coffee
"Well we better order another?"
"Yeah we better." She got up and walked to the counter ordering her first coffee and me another. She walked back five minutes later with coffee steam still rising from it. Handing me mine i take a sip. Surprised i ask
"This is my fav, how did you know?"
"Lucky guess." she said looking away as if to say i know more than you think. After we drank our coffee we walked to my car. I unlocked the car and opened her door again. She stopped next to me but didn't get in.
"What's wrong i asked?"
"Nothing. Its just i better drive. Were going to woods that i know you don't know."
"Oh ok." I handed her my keys and she smiled. Walking around to the driver side she got in and then so did i. We drove for about thirty minutes not talking just letting the sound of the radio fill the car. Eventually we came to this turn off in the road and she took it.
The road started out paved but after just a few minutes it turned to gravel. The trees were starting to thicken around us and i figured we were getting closer.
"How do you know where this place is?" i asked looking over at her.
"I've been coming here ever since i was a little girl."
"That's cool."
"Yeah." and that was it. I could tell she didn't want to keep talking so i feel back into silence. The car stopped and we got out. We were in a small clearing surrounded by trees with four different paths leading away from it. I looked at her wondering where to go she grabbed my hand and led me down the third one. It was starting to get darker but she seemed to know where she was going so i just followed. She moved over the roots and threw the low branches with ease. As if they were moving away from her before she even reached them. I was trying to follow close but was tripping over fallen branches and tree roots. Stumbling more and more the deeper we went in to the woods the darker it got and made it harder to see. I looked at the ground trying to focus my eyes and keep my balance. Every few seconds id look up and every time Asheley was just a few feet in front of me leading the way. The next time i looked up though she was gone. I started to panic all off a sudden it got darker, colder.
"ASHELEY!!!" i screamed feeling scared. I heard no response, just forest noises. Twigs snapping behind me, i spin around.
Red eyes were glowing from the darkness. For some reason i started to back away from them. I couldn't focus or think straight my eyes were glued to the red. Burning as if looking in to my mind or soul. As if wanting to know all my secrets. I couldn't look away or turn to run. Bam. Something knocked me down to the ground. I was breathless and on my back. Standing above me was this girl. She had red hair, and the eyes, her eyes were the reds ones i saw only moments before. She knelt down and her hair was flying around her face widely. As she got closer and closer it started to snow. Little flakes fell only above us nowhere else.
"What are you doing on my land human" She whispered. The words were almost sung as she spoke. A song of hate and no patience.
"I..I..Im lost" I finally managed to get out. She me down by my shoulders. I felt no danger. Her eyes seemed to calm me as well as make me unable to think.
"Yes you certanailly are." She raised her hand to my throat and started to squeeze. I felt faint coming on quickly. Then
"CORALINE!!" Asheleys voice brought me back. I turned and saw her running towards us. She lifter her hand. It started glowing a faint blue flame out of her palm. Then she shot a blue ball of fire right at the unknown woman trying to kill me. She flew off me with such force when she hit a tree behind her it snapped. She crumpled to the ground cursing out. Asheley was soon at my side pulling me to my feet. Another flash came from her hand to keep the red eyed girl down.
"We are on the fire path not rules have been broken here Snowfall."
"Yes there has, she is human, she isn't a element. " said the girl apparently known as Snowfall.
"That has never been a rule before!!" Asheley yelled while dusting dirt and leaves off me. She then checked my neck. When she was satisfied that i was at least some what ok she turned back to snowfall as if waiting for a answer. Snowfall was on the ground still her arm and torso were wet were the balls of fire hit her. It looked like she was melting. Asheley looked satisfied enough. She grabbed my hand tight not waiting to lose me in the woods again and dragged me back to the car. She made sure i was safely in the car buckled up when i finally was able to speak again.
"What was that? What happened?"
"That? That was the Gift."

I passed out as soon as she had spoken. I was exhausted and overwhelmed from being attacked. I felt my self shifting in the car. She was driving fast and i slowly became awake. Asheley was shaking my shoulder.
"Were back at your place hun." She said softly in my ear. I looked at her and my eyes tried to focus. The blurriness became clear and i saw my house behind her. I tried to get out of the car and stumbled as i did. She grabbed on to me to steady my feet. I leaned against her. Smelling her sweet perfume like strawberry's filling my nostrils. I liked it. It made me feel better, like it had a healing power on me.
I felt my self become stronger. My muscles tightened and i was able to walk a little better. I still held onto her though not wanting to let go i nuzzled in to her as we walked to my room once we were in the house. Once in my room we walked straight to my room. Asheley let go of me and i feel on to my bed.
I looked at her not sure what to say about what happened or her lack of explanation. She sat on the bed next to me. I was worried, afraid i imagined it all and not sure how to ask if i did or not without sounding crazy. I began to open my mouth to ask. She stopped me with a soft kiss on my lips.
"Not now my love, Ill explain everything soon. Please rest." She got up to leave i grabbed her arm.
"Please don't leave.Im still scared." She smiled, kind of worried. As if to say i shouldn't be scared but also as if i should be. She then laid down and gently wrapped her arms around me. Holding me tight we feel asleep. A few hours later i awoke to asheley playing with my hair. I sighed contently. Then Asheley spoke
"Are you awake now baby?"
"Yes.. what time is it?" i said rubbing my eyes adjusting to the light. Asheley turned her head to look at my alarm clock.
"Its four."
"A.M?" I asked thinking i was only sleeping a few hours.
"No baby. P.M." I shrieked
"Its four P.M.? oh my god. Baby we slept late."
"You need to sleep. Last night was to much for you." Asheley looked at me worried like i still needed to sleep.
"Last night was crazy. Im still fuzzy about what even happened and what that girl was rambling about." We got up and went to the kitchen and sat down. I looked at her again
"So will you please explain cause you seemed to know her." Asheley sighed and said
"I didn't want to tell you this so soon, cause well, i don't want you to think im crazy. But after last night and you saw some... weird things for yourself you might believe me when i do."
"Asheley, i will always believe any thing you say. I just want to know what's going on." They way she looked at me i knew she believed what i said and she started to explain.
"Well first things first, im not fully human."
"What's that mean?"
"Im half human half element. My sprit is a fire demon, so i can make fire and make it do anything i want it to." I just sat there and she continued.
"Last night we were in the element woods. Do you remember the paths?"
"Yes." was all i could say. I didn't want to talk much i wanted her to continue.
"There was four of them. Earth,Water,Fire,and Air. We took the fire path last night and we should have been safe. But then Snowfall decided to ambush us."
"What's Snowfall and why did she decided it was good to try to kill me?" I asked, my voice cracking giving away the memory made me scared.
" Snowfall is a water and a air element. She takes water out of the air and can make it in to snow and then control it. like i can do with fire she can do with snow, ice stuff like that."
"Ok. But what did i do? Why did i get attacked?"
"Well for two reasons mainly. One because you were with me and you got off the fire path and were dangerously close to the water path. Also because your human. Humans and elements can be friends but when they become more than that it becomes complicated."
"Complicated. How?"
"Coraline,please that's enough. The more you know the harder it will be to protect you."
"Protect me from what?"
"The others like me but dangerous."
We sat in silence. Danger... more danger than taking me into woods at night when she knew i could have been attacked. Okay so im in danger. I think that i can handle it. At least i think i can.
Over the next seven days Asheley and me didn't hang out at all, but we talked a few times on the phone. I was begging to think she didn't want to be with me anymore and when she called and asked if she could come over i was quick to say yes. The next twenty minutes i spent waiting til she was at my door. Knock. I opened it and she jumped in my arms. She did it unexpectatadly, but i still managed to catch her. I pulled her threw the door and held her tight. Not wanting to let go for a fear i wouldnt see her for a week again.
"I missed you coraline." She said holding me as tight as i was holding her.
"I missed you to Ash." The next thing i new i was being pushed a wall. A little rough but so worth it because of what followed was the most passionate kiss i ever had. She kissed me as her hands ran down my back and up in to my hair. Wrapping her fingers in my hair i let out a little moan. That gave her all the permission she needed and she kissed me harder. Bitting my bottom lip my body starting reacting to her touch like never before. She lead me to the couch and we feel on it still locked in the passionate kiss. I was under her as we kissed. Feeling her on me was magic.
It made me melt and want her even more. She slide her hand up and under my shirt. Asheley was trying to unhook my bra. I lifted my back up a little to give her more access and at the same time letting her know it was what i wanted. She got my bra off quickly and moved her hands up to my breasts. Massaging it very gently she was turning me on so much. I then moved my lips to her neck and kissed her sucking careful not to leave a hickey. She let out a slight moan so i kissed her again. Moaning louder i moved my hands to the bottom of her shirt. I was about to pull it over her head when we heard a loud bang. Sounding like broken glass we stopped and she stood up. Looking at me as she did not waiting to stop what we were doing for even a second. I was still on the couch trying to get my breathing back to normal. She said
"Don't go any where." She held up her hands and made a stay type of signal.
"Ok. I will" Both laughing she went to check out the noise. A minute later she came back.
"What was it?" I asked
"A rock threw the kitchen window. Dam kids." she sounded mad and she sat next to me on the couch.
"Oh." i moved closer to her and tried to kiss her neck again but she pulled away.
"What's wrong?" Tilting my head confused.
"Nothings wrong just kind of.. lost the mood." I could tell she was hiding something from me. Not wanting to make her mad and leave i let it drop and we continued to sit there. Eventually the silence was getting to us and she picked up the tv remote and turned it on to a mindless reality show.

We eventually fell asleep together and i woke up a few hours later and she was gone. I was covered up and tucked in smiling to myself knowing Asheley did it before she took off. I called her and asked where she went.
"Im sorry baby i had some stuff to do." the phone was cutting in and out and i could barely here her.
"When you coming back? or are you coming back?"
"I will be there as soon as im done."
"Ok hunny.So what you doing?" Click. She hung up, i couldn't believe it. Oh well i said to myself its ok cause i know she was busy. I went to my room and sat on my bed. I grabbed a book and laid onto my stomach and started to read.
After a while the boredom and loneliness started to be to over whelming so i went in to my dresser and grabbed some clean clothes. I went to the bathroom and turned on the water. Letting the water fall i stick my hand under and test the warmness.
"Perfect." i said to my self out loud. The water was so warm. I slowly undressed and got in letting the water wash over my body. I washed my hair and just stayed under the water, relaxing. Feeling my muscles loosen i began to feel better when there was a soft knock at the door.
"Coraline?" Surprised i jumped at hearing Asheleys voice. I didn't say anything right away.
"Come in." she came in slowly at just sat on the sink counter waiting for me to speak again. I hurried to finish my shower and realized i was naked and so close to Asheley. I peaked my head out and she was smiling.
"Hey." she said with a blush on her face telling me she was embarrassed or excited. I didn't know what to do so i turned off the shower and steeped out. Now fully naked in front of her i looked down to my feet shy. Then saying
"Um Ash your sitting on my towel."
"sorry." she jumped up still looking at my body she handed me the towel. I wrapped it around me and dried my self off. Feeling more and more turned on because she was just watching me. Admiring my body i said
"Im happy your back. When i woke up and you weren't here i got worried." her smile faded.
"I had to do some things, im sorry hunny."
"Its ok." i said as i walked to wards her. I stood right in front of her and let the towel fall to my feet. Once again i was completely naked in front of her but this time i was only a few inches away. Her eyes widened. She opened her mouth to speak but i spoke before she did.
"Ash. Um i need my clothes now." i point behind her to next to where my towel was moments before. She then handed me my clothes and i got dressed slowly. Hoping to my self she would stop me and make love to me right then and there but i knew she wouldnt because i was already more than half dressed. After we went into my room and sat there.
"You hungry i asked."
"Yes actually i am." Smiling we went into the kitchen and i pulled out chicken. I coated it in flour and fried them in to strips. I got out a bag of chips and set the table while they cooked. I took the chicken out of the oil and set it on a plate with paper towels to soak up the oil. I brought them to the table to and we ate slowly.
"So .. any good?"
"Yes very good. Your a really good cook. Honestly i thought when you asked i would get a sandwich."
"thanks" i said blushing. We ate more and i put up the left overs and cleand off the table. I was wiping it down with a damp rag when she walked up behind me and held me to her. I turned around and looked in to her eyes. She kissed me and i kissed her back. Her hands started to go under my shirt like it has before when i said
"Why?" Asheley asked pulling away from me confused.
" Cause i cant be teased like this. We start and stop then start then stop. Its driving me crazy."
"Fine" she stalked away angrily. I was about to call out to her. To tell her to come back and that i was sorry, but she was already slamming the front door behind her. Feeling bad about how i handle that i started to cry and went to my room. Flopping on my bed i cried myself to sleep.
As soon as i woke up i felt instant regret. Rembering how i acted towards Asheley made me so depressed. I called her hoping she would pick up. It went to voicemail so i left a message.
"Asheley hey its Coraline look im sorry for what i did please call me back." I waited a few hours and then i texted her saying the same thing. I spent the whole day inside cleaning and waiting for a response. But it never came. Every hour that went by when i didn't hear from her my thoughts went from being sad to worried. I knew Asheley enough to realize that if she didn't want to talk to me she would at least tell me so. I grabbed my car keys and drove to her house. It was around six pm so it was still early enough to drop by. When i pulled in to her driveway her house was only dimly light. Most likely by a television then by a actual light. I walked up to her door and knocked.
The door crept open a inch by itself but i waited a minute anyway. After realizing she wasn't going to answer i pushed the door open slowly and walked in. I was right the television was on filling the room with a dim light. I looked for a switched and turned it on. I noticed that the room was a mess. Not really from lack of cleaning but more from like a struggle that had happened. I became even more worried then i had been and then my phone went off.

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