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A young teenager receives mysterious scraps of paper and stumbles across something dark.
Once again he placed the palm of his hand against the icy glass pane of the mirror in the hall.He did this most days.Days he felt or was completely alone and was considered not to have a friend in the world.He wondered, not just about one thing but many things.With a life consumed by isolation and paranoia he often had time to think about these things.He stood there drawn to his own reflection , was the boy staring back at him really just him? Or just another soul pondering on the same thought.It looked like him; and he was content with that for the time being.

A sharp tap at the door interrupted his thoughts and brought him back to dim reality for a while longer.He flicked his droopy blonde hair out of his face and proceeded to greet whoever it was that had disrupted him.He opened the door with a painted smile that was soon morphed into a look of confusion.Nobody was there, not a soul.Just a small rectangular envelope addressed to himself.He scooped up the letter , closed the door and trudged back through the hall into the living room, taking a quick glance at his refection as he passed.He muttered to himself as he made the short journey across the stretch of the house.

He carefully opened the sealed envelope and unfolded the scrap of paper.Blank? He stared at the plain piece of parchment for a long while; his mind reeling with questions.He dismissed them promptly and made his way to his bedroom in the attic and settled down to sleep.

The following morning his face fell, the second envelope had arrived, only this time at the bottom of his bed.This happened for weeks on end each piece of paper as blank as the next and soon the excitement and curiosity withered away to nothing, opening mysterious letters had almost become a chore.Until one day it stopped.He tore open the slim white envelope as normal and his irritated expression soon turned to a vacant, hollow stare. For this scrap contained an image, drawn to perfection . But this was what troubled him, the face staring back at him was one that had haunted his nightmares for as long as he remembered.Not a soul knew of this, so how could this be ? He asked himself over and over again.Jack Layton had stumbled across something mysterious and dark.But this was only the beginning.....
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1935068