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The court proceedings concerning Harvey Wallbanger, Jack Daniels, and Me
Poor Harvey Wallbanger is innocent
he did not mean to bite,
but between the cat and myself
we gave him such a fright.

You see, Your Honor, this is how
the incident occurred.
I was in my backyard dozing
when a yowling noise I heard.

I got out of my lawn chair
to find Jack Daniels in a fix,
the cat was caught between a rose bush
and a huge pile of loose bricks.

Instead of calling 911,
I rushed to Jack Daniels' aid;
in my desire to rescue the cat
I stumbled over the garden spade.

I fell through the wooden fence
and into Harvey Wallbanger yard.
Jack Daniels' yowling had woke the dog
so he was already on guard.

When I broke through the fence
I landed on Harvey's favorite bed
and scared him even more;
thus he bit me on the head.

Your Honor, Harvey Wallbanger is innocent
he isn't a vicious dog,
he is gentle as a kitten,
why he won't even harm a frog.

Please, spare his life, Your Honor,
Harvey Wallbanger is my friend
he never chases Jack Daniels
and he won't bite me again.
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