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by Mike
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This is what I believe hate is. I have my own opinion on certain things and hate is evil.
Why do people choose to hate? What does hate accomplish? Do people feel hatred when they don't get what they want in life? Hate is a very strong word in so many different ways. Many of us choose to use this word more often than we need to. Hate is a feeling that burrows inside every living mortal as it always has and always will. Hate is like a darkness that consumes the soul and turns it into torture. People feel like hate is inside of us all, but the truth is that hate only exists because we allow it to do so. Think about all of the words that people use when they are upset. Which word is used more often than any other that eventually causes departure between friends, family, and so on? Yes, hate is used constantly in our society and it only gets worse from there. Hate then travels around the country infecting those of us who are strong and contain love in our hearts. Hate is indeed a disease that spreads from body to body. Again, it is only because we allow hate to take control. Some agree that there are people out there who still cling on to love including myself, but what about the others who are blinded by hate's disgusting nature of bringing even the purest soul down? People do need to watch what they utter to others because not only does hate affect the ones who care about you, it then spreads to the next person and causes him or her to spill out a lie that they never truly mean. Hate is dark and evil, so don't let the carrier next to you bring you down.
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