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My theory on why people are straight or gay, including degrees of each!
I am secure in my masculinity. I am 6'1" and weigh around 260. I am bald with a goatee. I have a motorcycle and I drive a truck for a living. I like, no, love Broadway musicals. I cry at the end of "Armegeddon" every time. I wept openly in the theater at the end of "Les Mis". But I have not met a man that I would want to kiss.

There are a number of gay stereotypes that I exhibit, but I'm not gay. I have a friend who is further down the Gay-trail than me and yet not Gay. He loves Madonna, Donna Summer, is a fantastic pastry chef and gardener and quite effeminate in his speech and gait. He is also straight.

I know a woman, a wife and mother of two, who along with her husband shoot and kill and consume all of their own meat. She has masculine tendencies and is also straight.

This leads me to my theory. I believe that imbedded in our genes, our DNA, is a dial. A gender-dial if you will. This dial for men runs the gamut from Drag-Queen to Neanderthal. Women could go from dress wearing, dainty debutante, to plaid-shirt wearing butch-haircutted lesbian huntress. The dial would generally be set somewhere in the middle for the majority of the population.

This explains much of what I consider to be my dial setting, slightly more gay than straight. Not enough to like other men or want to wear a dress, but enough to appreciate musical theater and cry, occasionally.

This theory is based heavily on stereotypes and obviously there are exceptions. I firmly believe, however, that my theory holds water. We all know someone that is further down the dial and secretly wonder, is he\she gay? (Not that there's anything wrong with that) He's single, very neat, mid-30's, no girlfriend etc. She owns a pickup and a mototrcycle and loves to fish.

So what does this all mean? Nothing. It's just an observation. Live your life, be you, and be happy.

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