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An explorer and his companion set out on an adventure to find the lost world.
"Travis, where the hell are we?"said Bruce, looking slightly agitated. "Look, we're nearly at the village ok, get a grip man! How on earth are you going to cope when we go on our little wild goose chase?". Travis was near on at breaking point. They had been walking for two days, Bruce continuously whining and this was only the shortest part of the journey." Its not." "Its not what?" "Not a wild goose chase, ive spent my whole life looking for this place just as many people before us. I know it exists! Im just not built for the outdoors.. "Travis looked at him with a smug grin. "Bloody hell mate, you'd think with a name like Bruce you'd have at least one thing going for ya'".

Travis was the " lone free ranger " type. Attractive, brave and surprisingly intelligent. Not bad for someone who lives in a tree and drinks rain water. Despite all of this he very much preferred to be alone, you rarely ever saw Travis in the company of another man and you never saw him with a woman. He wore a large, floppy forest green hat that covered most of his face on occasion. An overly baggy cheese cloth shirt that was an odd yellowish creamy colour. It was more or less transparent and you could see the various amount of tribal markings tattooed onto his nicely tanned skin. His trousers were the same forest green colour as his hat and were held in place with a thick leather belt, the large silver buckle displaying an open-mouthed anaconda. Travis was only 20 years old and surprised many when he ran off in search of some lost treasure and often returned with it in a burlap sack. His piercing azure eyes seemed to glisten in triumph. He was your typical young explorer and bruce couldn't be more different from him.

Bruce was a few years older than Travis at 25 and was often referred to as "grandad" if he couldn't complete a practical task Travis had set for him. Bruce had the privilege of attending a private school whilst young and came out of everything with a masters degree in the sciences and an unhealthy addiction to mythology. He wore a white thick cheese cloth shirt that hid his attractive, slender frame. A cream coloured hat that was turned up at the sides and some grey 3/4 length trousers. He had long blonde hair that he tied up in a pony tail fair, pale skin and beautiful emerald green eyes. He didn't have tattoos or live in a tree but he was kind hearted and people liked that about him.

The two men approached and entered the village taking care not to knock the small mud-huts. They looked delicate and they could not risk enraging the chief. He had the key after all. "Bruce..what exactly does this "key" look like?" "Well haha its sort of small and round and key shaped..?" He said panicking almost as if he was asking himself a question. "Small ... Round... Key shaped.... You don't know do you?" "Well i wouldn't say that .. Its um .. Yeah.. No, no i don't". Travis made a noise that could only be described as a combination of a sigh and a groan. "How did you know?" Bruce said looking confused. "Round and key shaped? When is anything ever round AND key shaped. For someone with fancy qualifications you aren't very sharp are you haha?" Everyones eyes seemed to be following them as they walked towards the chiefs hut. It was unnerving and their pace quickened.

The chief seemed to appear out of nowhere and immediately began to converse with Travis in a strange almost ancient language. The chief turned to Bruce, addressed and greeted him in full fluent english and proceeded to shake his hand. He was totally bewildered but didn't feel inclined to ask. "How can i be of your assistance today Travis?" Said the chief still speaking full english. "You have something that i require. We want the key. The key to Atlantis".
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