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by Mike
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The fearful being that exists now and always will.
I am the soul of evil men. I devour your very spirit and enjoy its taste upon my lips. This taste has been with me since the beginning of time and will linger on until my task is complete. In that time, I have wandered the universe in search of those that are weak and choose to live pathetic lives. I gather the souls floating in the mist that are constantly seeking a way home, but they will never find it here in such an abandoned place. I live for pain and the sadness that lurks inside every grieving spirit. I am the taker of your miserable life and I decide if you are worthy to pass through the gates of Heaven. If you have sinned the greatest of sins then you are finished and your soul will never find peace. Oh, so many souls to grasp. So many decisions to make. This is my curse of darkness and I must fulfill my master's bidding. The great lord made me what I am today; an angel of complete darkness. I am forever doomed to escort beings that I have no care for to their eternal resting place. I am the chariot that delivers the righteous and the sinners. Some of those spirits glance into my eyes and see only evil while others laugh at my face. I do ask myself if I am truly evil for not caring about these creatures. These lives mean nothing to me and they never will again. I ignore their words for I am nothing more than a servant carrying out his chosen destiny. They are all alone and deserve nothing in the afterlife. The men and women have every right to fear me for I am the tyranny of all evil. I am all around you and there I shall remain until the end of time, to escort you to your chamber of sleep that all must take at the end of their journey.
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