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Weekly Quickie Entry
Written for: "The Weekly Quickie Contest"   by Dawn Embers Round 67

Taylor placed his head in his hands, closed his eyes, trying hard to keep the immense sense of loss at bay. Depression consumed him until the commotion from the main office caught his attention. Lina flew through the door, before he could investigate. Her impromptu visit shouldn’t surprise him, his wife warned of the consequences of shutting her out. Knitting his brows together, he drank her in, starting with her warm brown eyes, down to those inviting lips, and then he noticed that sizzling red dress. Her breasts strained the fabric, her right thigh exposed by the high slit, that body begging for attention.

With the spike of her heel, she caught the bottom edge of the door kicking it shut.

“Since you’ve decided to underestimate me,” Lina began, “I took matters into my own hands.”

He recognized that dangerous mixture of hunger, lust and determination in those sultry eyes as she moved forward like a cat finding its prey.

“I’ll come home,” Taylor said, instant arousal pulsing through him.

Shaking her head, leaning down, Lina grabbed the arms of the wheelchair pushing him away from the desk, offering him a glimpse of the swell of her ample cleavage. “Not necessary; I sent your employees home for the night.”

Her mouth pressed to his, warm and demanding, teeth nipping, forcing his lips apart granting her tongue the advantage of sliding comfortably inside. He’d always loved the taste of her, that mingle of sweetness and coffee and the sweet pear perfume she wore turned her into a delectable exotic fruit he could never resist tasting. As their tongues mated, Taylor realized how much he’d missed this intimate contact, reached out, pulled her down onto his lap, wrapped his arms around her and crushed her chest to his. It felt like forever since he’d had her in his arms, letting go, loving him completely, and as desire rippled through his entire being, he knew it was time to test his limitations.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered, “Don’t think.”

Like a gymnast, Lina repositioned herself to straddle him, while his hand caught the softness of her thigh, moving upward to discover the lack of panties and her rounded bare bottom. The knowledge roused a smile, turning his member rock hard in an instant as thoughts of embedding himself into her flooded his mind. Her fingers toyed at his nape sending a shiver down his spine. Lina peppered his face and neck in feather light kisses, her hot breath washing over him, and her free hand kneaded him through the denim, until the sound of the zipper echoed through the office and his erection stood proudly.

“I want you now,” Lina moaned seductively.

She held his shaft, running her thumb across the tip before caressing the entire length, sending heat racing to his groin and he shuddered. Wasting no time, she rose up to bring him inside. Just as the tip penetrated her fiery, moist opening, he became consumed with the need to slam his entire staff deep into her heated core and hold her there, completely connecting them. Instead, he reached for her breasts, his thumbs grazing the erect nipples that begged to be touched, the fabric their only barrier. Her quick intake of breath and the feel of her skin under his fingertips sent his mouth on an exploration of its own. Taylor nibbled her neck, his tongue glided over the salty skin, moving lower to take one awaiting nipple between his teeth causing Lina to arch back, presenting them like an offering. He feasted on the right, before taking her left, each nip eliciting a moan.

“Look at me,” Taylor demanded, his thumbs pressing into her hips, holding her motionless. There was something about catching her gaze while they mated. She ground down on him, desperate to control the pace, cause a faster rhythm, but he purposely slowed, knowing it drove her crazy, would have her clinging to him and begging for more.

“Please, Tay-lor.”

He loved that, his name elongated, Lina begging for completion, watching her lose control, those eyes dancing with desire. Her sensual moans made his head spin; or was it the circling chair? She grasped his shoulder, her nails digging into his skin as he increased his speed, only to stop just before disengaging himself. Each pause was met with a ‘no or please’, and each time he responded by giving her his full length. With his orgasm building, the need for completion took over, all sense of control dissipating. When Lina started thrashing around on top of him, riding him hard, chanting his name, it became his undoing. She bounced down; he thrust upward, each stroke pushing them closer to ecstasy. He loved the feel of her heat wrapped around him, pulling him to the edge. One slow, deep thrust into Lina and they tumbled over together. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tight against him, listening to the sounds of their rapid heartbeats and breathing, the chair carrying them around the room in a slow dance.

Lina smacked his chest. “You brat, you had the chair in motion.”

“Being wheelchair bound could definitely have some perks.”

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