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by Mike
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A man feels alone now that his only friend has passed on.
Oh, dear cat
Why do you haunt me still?
Why do you torture me?
Have I wronged you?
Sure I found you in the darkest of night
Sitting there all curled up in a ball
Chewing your own guts out.
Painful as it may have been
Why do you linger inside my mind?
Did you lie there dissatisfied with your life?
Do you want me to suffer the way you suffered
With this permanent image imprinted in my mind?
Oh, the pain.
Oh, the mourning.
My beloved cat
I wanted you so.
Really wanted you in my arms,
But you were dripping with blood
In complete agony.
I can still hear your cries even in my dreams.
I wanted a cat like you
To love and hold tight.
Not like this, though.
No man should have to witness such a gruesome death.
Your memory has done me wrong.
The cat without a name has left me quite insane.
Every night I see your face burrowed inside your chest
Ripping your flesh away.
You left me when you were supposed to be mine.
Now you will be mine.
I can not bear to be alone any longer.
My beloved cat will be mine
Forever and ever.
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