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It started with the new clock radio,
It started with the new clock radio,
last night
I set the alarm at 5:00 AM
and the radio to a Golden Oldies station.

This morning
I woke with the song
"We'll Sing in the Sunshine"
running through my mind.

I couldn't get the damn thing
out of my head,
it was a ghost from my youth
vocalizing in my life.

I showered,
ate breakfast,
and went to work,
arriving about 8:25 AM.

I sit down at my desk,
organized my days work,
and in my best shower voice,
I began singing the word,
"I will never love you.."

Harvey stuck his head over the partition
between our cubicles
and said,
"Don't worry, Ann,
I'll never love you either."

I shut up,
picked up my presentation
for the meeting with the new client,
and went upstairs to the conference room,
where I waited quietly for thirty minutes
until Mr. Harris came in
with Gale Zoe Garnett.

This is when I shot myself in the foot,
I started whistling the song,
because Harris thought
I was auditioning for Ms Garnett
he fired me.
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