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This song won't leave my head.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 with the song, I’ve got you Under my Skin, playing in my head.  Out of the blue it came.  Perhaps I should be more specific: out of a charcoal-gray sky it came, a sky lit only by distant glints of Saturn and Orion along with the feebleness of a crescent moon.  However it came, it came, this old recognizable song, to play over and over, all through coffee, all through my shower, and all through repeated attempts to block this lovely melody of someone special under the skin resonating in my cranium.  Somehow the continuous play setting had been engaged, and it was getting old.

I drove to work listening to my favorite homemade CD, and for a time, the likes of Styx,  Deep Purple, The Doors and Ozzy Osbourne displaced this persistent song of skin intrusion, but it was not permanent.  When I got to my desk, the song started once again, playing as if my skull were a cabaret with dim lighting, and with a sinewy siren on stage singing as if she set her sights sensuously upon me.  The arousal was too much, and I sang out loud, unabashedly and carefree, like it was an audition.

A few coworkers tossed glances my way, some forced grins, and one blurted out a hearty, “Sing it baby!” as she came over to my desk and handed me a folder.  This was Rose, the office manager, and she reminded me of the nine o’clock meeting, parting with a wry smile.  I looked at the time, saw I had about ten minutes, gathered the reports I needed, and headed for the conference room.  Inside my head the song continued, and it was getting serious.

As the meeting got underway, Roger Gooden, vice president of our advertising firm of Ad-Right, began with the usual quarterly report.  He then told us of the new clients our firm had recently secured, and one of them was New Skin, which treats wounds--it is an antiseptic, liquid bandage.  My, I’ve got you Under my Skin was still in continuous play mode, and right after Roger made his announcement, I once again let it out, only this time I whistled it!  Most everyone at the conference table burst out laughing.  Roger’s eyes grew wide and his mouth opened slightly, and then he too gave a slight guffaw and nodded his head in a more or less approving manner.

“Bravo, Johnson,” Roger said, “How clever of you.  And since you are so clever, the account is yours!  As you know, the main purpose of this meeting was to inform everyone of our new clients, and to then assign those clients ad agents.  You made it easy for me on this one!”

“Well, thank you sir, and I already have some ideas for a new ad campaign for New Skin.  It will be my pleasure to act as their advertising agent.”

I said no more.  Roger went on to assign new clients to the rest of my co-workers, and I began to assess my new assignment.  But it occurred to me that this was eerie indeed, that I would have such a song playing over and over in my head related to a new client.  It was kind of spooky.

Thinking back on it, I realized the song stopped playing when I got my new assignment, and I was then able to think, “a cappella.”  O it is a nice enough song, but after hours of relentless play, it got under my skin.

592 Words
Writer’s Cramp
June 10, 2013
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