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by Laike
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Can you make a blind jump into a portal unaware of the consequences just to save your kin?
Chapter: 2  On the rescue.

That was it. That’s when I made up my mind. It may be worthless or maybe unbelievable, but I was going to test telling everything to my mom and dad. Everything, from the strange girl to Alice’s disappearance. But the thing that was the most difficult was waiting till the next full moon.

“Kate, I have no time to waste for your stories. I know it’s hard, but we’ll find your sister all right?” that’s what my father had to say when I told him and mum everything after two days of hard thinking, and after mum was discharged from the hospital.

“Why don’t you believe me?” I looked at them. Then I realized why they don’t.

“Ok, fine come with me. I’ll show you where it all happened.”

I somehow managed to bring them to the terrace. I showed them the circle Alice left behind, still bright as ever. It was night but not a full moon. I still stood in the middle of the circle Alice had left behind. My parents were there, right in front of me.

Back then, I suddenly calmed down. As if I knew what to do. As if I had known something I didn't know until now. I looked at my parents with an assuring smile.

“Trust me dad, I am going to bring Alice back with me!”

I called for the lights and they came for me. It was the same but without a full moon, without Alice. My parents had the expected look and soon they were gone. I still regret one thing about that night. I never said a proper goodbye.

I left a dark night to arrive a beautiful dawn.

I opened my eyes .It was a glade within some dark dense forest. But it was bright and it gave me peace. I looked beneath. That was the same circle. There on some grassy ground behind me, I found Alice’s pearl bracelet shattered on the ground.  I collected it. I knew she was here and she was safe. She had to be. I heard some noise from behind. Growling… of some sort of beast. I wasn't sure. But I was scared. I took a step back looking at that direction. Then it jumped out of the bush.

Now I was a little more scared… alright maybe terrified. I started to yell and run. Never knew I was capable of running this fast. The beast was obviously faster than me. I looked behind. It was still there and this time, more closely. As I turned my head front, I was welcomed well by a lowered branch and I collided and fell somersaulting on the ground until I crashed with a tree. It all happened too fast. The beast or whatever that thing was still there looking at me. It seemed somewhat like specie you might get when you breed a manned wolf with a vampire bat and the child when matured again with a white tiger. I mean it had stripes, wings and was extremely fast with very, very sharp claws and teeth. Whatever it was, it was scaring my nerves out of me. There was rage in its eyes and an unknown loneliness. Bloody hell with that, it was coming to kill me. And I was helpless!

I had broken my arm and couldn't get up. I saw it getting closer and closer. I heard some more footsteps of some other animal. Forget it, the one I was dealing with, made a final jump upon me. I closed my eyes and began counting the last seconds of my life in the darkness.

One, two, three…... ten, eleven… twenty.

That’s it. Wait. What’s happening? Am I dead? That was easy. No pain~!

I opened my eyes. There were two demons in front of me now. I watched as they fought for me. If my guess was correct, the other new demon wasn’t saving me for his meal. Maybe, I just prayed. Anyway, the new one was prettier. More like a grey wolf covered with thick giant fair furs, shiny yellow eyes and a magnificent build. I somehow got up and moved to a safer place. From here, I could see them fighting hard. That white beast…. I could see it more clearly now.

That was it. The first time I had ever seen Soren. He too had wings but the hit points of his appearance were his eyes. So cold, pure blue… His sharp canines were frightening. And I saw them threatening away its enemy. The first yellow beast was gone now and I was left with this wild creature at a place I didn't even know existed five minutes ago.

The beast was now a young man transformed right in front of my eyes. He looked at me. I’m still not positive whether it was his sight of me or my bleeding neck and arm that got me fainted right after that in the lonely woods.

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