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Or How to be Happy with Oblivion.

          The Secret Society of Astronomers had successfully denied
          the existence of the Ninth Planet. No one even thought about it.
          No observatory dared mention it. How else can a poor scientist
          live without their grants? Ostipithicus was a collection of bones
          found on a riverbank. The bones were assembled to appease
          the Secret Society of Astronomers. This was the proof they needed
          to explain the jump from great apes to homo sapiens.

          But, Cassy was tearing that all down. She had been found in the
          polar ice caps and had revived after being thawed from the ancient
          ice. . She was called Cassy after the Prophet Cassandra.
          Her prophesy was a tale of extraterrestrial intervention in human
          evolution. Not at all what the Secret Society of Astronomers wanted.
          Her extinction was inevitable. And order went forth from the Secret
          Government of Knowledge to kill Cassy and erase her from the
          records of Paleontology.

          Doctor Lawrence Krause could not comply. He loved Cassy.
          She was a beautiful Scandinavian woman with blond hair and blue
          eyes and tanned skin. He decided to promote Cassy on the talkshow
          circut.  .. David Letterman was his first attempt.

  to be continued...(?)
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