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Describe a traditional ethnic food from your culture.
Fried Chicken

One of the basic rules of hospitality is to serve a meal that is pleasing and culturally acceptable to your guests. Do you anticipate feeding a group of individuals from the Southern United States? Include fried chicken as the main entrée. Are you going to a social gathering where everyone contributes? Stop at the local grocery store or fast food restaurant and pick up a box of fried chicken. Your contribution is certain to please the crowd. Do you have a friend who is sad, lonely, tired, broken hearted or worthy of a special treat? Do you have a loved one who is ill and in need of extra calories? Do you want to show someone your appreciation? Examples of my claim include my neighbor, my mother-in-law and our hospital administrator. As soon as my neighbor gave birth to her daughter she sent us to a fast food chain for an order of chicken strips. When my mother-in-law was frail, anorexic and in need of protein, we could always tempt her with fried chicken. Fried chicken is a guaranteed comfort food. When our hospital administrator wanted to show the staff that he was grateful for their hard work he provided fried chicken piled high on a tray. Take my advice if you plan to have a Southerner around your dinner table. Place fried chicken at the top of your menu. Your guests will appreciate your cultural awareness and leave your home with a smile on their faces.
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