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Not a tea party
          Was it all a dream? Artie had always been an odd boy.
          He liked to stay to himself and whisper to the summer breeze.
          But, Artie was the President of United States now.
          There were so many troubles in the world and the economy was
          in the toilet. Artie wanted to help people to do something important.
          He ran on a slogan for change,  "Bring Jesus back!"

          Nobody dreamed that Jesus would return. But, it happened.
          Artie was singing, "Row-row-row your boat" as he was fishing
          on the Patomac and Jesus popped out the air over the President.
          "Mr. President I got your message. I'm here to help." Jesus said.
          Well, Artie could not be happier and he was actually a skeptic.

          The first thing Jesus did was send all the stupid people to
          Australia. After all Australia was a prison colony.
          Angels were sent to Australia to educate the stupid people.
          Mel Gibson was nominated as the representive of Australian
          stupid people. How was this possible? Well, Jesus asked
          Australia who best represents them and so... Mel was elected.

          Jesus is prolife, but wants all his followers to be like eunichs.
          The result was a total steralization of all humanity.
          Why waiste your time making babies when Jesus is here for you?
          Polution and war ended and a new paradise was resurected.
          Artie gave his authority up to Jesus and so did all the other leaders
          of the world. And science was outlawed. What use is science when
          the risen Christ is here?

        There was world peace and Artie never had to do anything ever again.

          Happy ending?

          You decide.+

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