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by Laike
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How many times can fate make you trust the person who hasn't been honest to you?
Chapter: 4  The Escape

I couldn’t explain how I felt. I was kept asleep for more than a week. I was fooled. There was no sign of Alice anyone had found until now. My heart was heavy but I was relieved by the fact my organs were very fine now. I don’t know how….. But the pain was bearable. And by now, I realize, Soren must have acknowledged that I wasn’t in my room. That’s the main reason I needed to hurry. I somehow made my way up here, to the transport area near the palace gate. All the carts seemed to move from here to outside the palace gate. That was it. My exit. To the world outside. To find Alice.

There was an empty cart preparing to leave. The owner was talking to his pals. Now was my chance. Quietly, I made my way and stepped on it. I hid myself somewhere between the piles of sacks it was carrying back outside. Soon, I heard him coming back and settling on his seat and driving the cart-thing away. Finally, I was able to make my first step.

I rejoiced silently as I succeeded leaving the castle gate through the sacks.

“Lucky” I thought to myself.

I watched as the cart passed on for its destiny. We moved through forests, along riversides and lakes. The environment was enchanting. I prayed to nature to keep my sister safe.

Finally, we arrived at a market like place. The cart stopped right there. I jumped out and landed safe on the ground. My head hurt a bit but that was fine. I was arranging my clothes when I heard that driver yell…

“Hey you!

What were you doing in my cart?!

Everyone catch her!

She’s a thief!”

“What the hell?” I thought. A crowd gathered around me. I started feeling like a thief myself.

I made a sudden move and started running on the other side. Wow. What a mess! Now I was being followed by some angry group of fickle minded people who didn't even bothered to listen to my point.

I saw a huge warehouse in front of me and entered it blindly. To my surprise, from inside, it only had one little room available and the entrance to the other parts of the building was locked by huge doors. I heard them locking the door behind me, trapping me alone inside the building in that lonely room.

“Stay here you brat. You’re gonna stay here until the guards decide your fate or master Soren shows up for his daily visit”.

“Soren?!” the name echoed in my mind. God, anyone but him! I heard them walking away.

“All this for nothing” I thought. If f Soren finds me, he’s gonna take me back and I can’t afford it. I’m not heading back at any cost. I started looking for a way to escape the darn room. There was a ventilator high up there. That’s it! But how do I reach there? I started looking around. There were boxes, wooden boxes containing grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. I decided to make a ladder out of small boxes. I had to be fast, not to mention.

Despite my still-injured arm and paining neck, I managed to reach the big ventilator. If I shrink myself, I was positive I could pass by. As I climbed on and reached the thing, I found out something I should have guessed before starting. The ventilator was grilled.

“That’s it. The end”

I heard the door open and due to sudden shock/surprise, I lost my balance and fell for the ground.

Three, two, one….

No, I didn’t fall. I was grabbed… by Soren. His cold blue eyes gazing right into mine. Scaring the death out of me. He placed me on the ground and I just gulped.

“Come on. We’re heading back.”

“I’m not coming” I said.

“Come again?”

“I’m not coming! Don’t you get it? Can’t you hear?! “

He turned to me coming closer.

“I’ve heard enough of you. Just who do you think you are? You’re no hero here, got it? You won’t even survive for more than a day with that stupid brain of yours.”

“Why do you care anyway? Just go to hell with your concern and your lies. I’m not afraid of you or in need of taking orders from you.”

“Do you even know where your sister is?”

“I will find her out.”

“You can’t. So just cut out the topic and come with me.”

He turned to walk again expecting me to follow.

“Stop it” I yelled and knelt to the ground. “Stop making fun of me and my feelings already! If you can’t help me, just leave me alone! Please, for god’s sake!”


“Do you know how hard it is to let go of a person with whom you spent all your life fighting and growing up together? Right now, I am not even sure of her existence! My parents are waiting Soren! For us, their only children.  You don’t have the idea of their pain. Their helplessness about this whole matter! How could you be so cold? How could you be so……heartless?”

“I know where your sister is” I heard him through my tears. “Just come with me, would ya?”

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