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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Satire · #1939792
Jenny finds happiness in her Life in a Box™.
Written for "Journey Through Genres: Official Contest.  The Genre of the Month for June was "Satire."  40 Lines.


Jenny adored her Life in a Box™,
Pixelated paradise in the security of solitary.
Outsiders, they failed to recognize reality:
Life Outside the Box™,
Now that was almost unbearable,
With the people who were different,
People who were cruel beyond measure.
With Life in a Box™,
Jenny had complete control.
She could work, play, live, even love
Never having to leave her Box™.

Johnny also adored his Life in a Box™.
Five hundred miles away,
Yet he could visit Jenny every night,
Tell her stories, visit all her favorite haunts,
And then go to bed alone,
Secure in the safety of seclusion
As he worked, played, lived, and loved.
And he too never left his Box™.

So time passed, as it tends to do,
And Jenny and Johnny ignored the Outside
Wrinkles and pounds gained, hearing and vision lost,
But what glorious wonder! Life in a Box™!  Version 2.3.0!
New integrated surround sound and enhanced picture quality!
And they continued living apart from the world,
Safe in the security of their Boxes™.

One day, Johnny told Jenny,
"I love you, you are safe, you are my home."
So the two lived together,
Five hundred miles apart,
Connected only by telecommunicative thread.
They were happy.

And once more time passed, as it tends to do,
Until the day the thread was snapped,
And Jenny was back to being alone,
In her Life in a Box™,
In her pixelated paradise, secure in solitary,
Protected once more by the walls of her own design.
And she was happy.
Wasn't she?
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1939792-Life-in-a-Box