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What is Intelligence?
        Why do we puny bipeds believe intelligence is mathmatical?
        Is it because we cannot see beyond our noses?
        Leanard was no different than any other physicist.
        He believed the universe was only mathmatical and he searched
        for long years for an universal law of quantum machanics.
        Leanard was certain that the gaps in Einstein's theory of relativity
        would be complete.

        Physicist had many equations that supported  a universal law of
        quantum machanics. The machinics of the cosmos could be
        described like a computer program, but there was a random effect.

                  Where was the new information coming from?

        Every year of research revealed a new algorithm.
        Complexity lead to uncertainty. There was a nonlinear chaos.
        Leanard was flummixed by this mechanism of desynchronised

        Leanard needed a drink. He found the nearest pub and had a pint ..
        A small lady sat beside him sipping some rum and Coka~Cola.
        "Are you lost?" the lady queried. Leanard looked down at her and
        smirked, "We're all lost in space and time." The little lady giggled and
        and asked for a refill. "If you caculate random figures into a nonlinear
        field, you will have your answer." Leanard looked blankly at her in amazement.
        "I want to kiss you." he said and kissed her. She gave a toothy smile, revealing
        her shark like teeth.

        Leanard fell off his stool. "Do not be affraid... I want to help you." she slurred.
        and helped the physicist to his feet. "Did you get carded?" Leanard was drunk.
        The bartender bellowed, "She's a regular here!" Leanard smiled and shook
        his head, "I want to take you to my lab. What's your name?"

                  "Winkin. I'd like to show you my place." Winkin smiled.

        In a blink of an eye Leanard was standing on the Moon. But, it was green
        with grass and trees and had a blue sky. Leanard could see the Earth above
        the sky. .. "I must have drunk too much Guinness." he muttered and fell on his
        butt onto a patch of buttercups. Winkin laughed as other tiny people walked
        over to him.  "This is sometime in the future.. Leanard. We are the next
        evolution of humanity. The Moon has been made habitable. We have found
        folds in time and space, where we can cross into other dimensions.

                  THIS IS THE SCIENCE OF CHAOS!" Winkin exclaimed.

        Leanard fell to his knees before Winkin,  "I-I never imagined. .."
        The physicist was given a bowl of pea soup and some tea with honey.
        "So we made it? We didn't blow up the planet." he sobbed as he stuffed
        his mouth with pea soup. "Of course, my people would never allow our
        extinction. Before the rise of Atlantis we searched out new worlds between
        the folds of time." Winkin spoke as she rutted on Leanard.
        She widen her emerald eyes, "Will our seed live in my world or yours?"
        Leanard could only grasp at the grass and buttercups as he lay ...

        He popped back onto the floor of the pub with his trousers around
        his ankles. The pub roared with laughter. Was it all a dream?
        Winkin pulled his trousers up and slapped him on the butt.
        "Now, you have something to think about!" she shouted and the pub
        laughed and aplauded. .. They kissed deeply.
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