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Megan and Jennifer can't seem to get away from the gypsies.
Megan and Jennifer hated being in the caravan wagon. Manolito and Calin had ropes and was tying up Megan and Jennifer.

"This isn't going to make us love you. What are you? Cavemen?" Jennifer yelled and she had one arm free and was hitting Calin.

"Relax. I love you, my Princess. We want you ladies to listen to what we have to say." Calin smiled his dangerous, heart melting smile.

"Miles and Bradley want to kill you. I wish they would!" Megan hissed.

"You know you love me. You dream of me. I would steal for you. I would give you the moon, stars and we could go to your time era. Can your Miles give you that?" Manolito bowed.

Megan was all tied up and so was Jennifer. Manolito kissed Megan and just then the caravan door opened.

"Zalita! Help us!" Jennifer yelled. Zalita hit Calin with a broom and knocked him down. She grabbed Manolito's ear.

"What the hell is wrong with you? Leave these ladies alone. This is the last straw. Kyle has a boat leaving for England tonight and you rotten, worthless, thieving gypsies will be on here. Kristie is going with you. So is your mangy wolf father. As soon as Kyle and I are married, we will be going back to England. You untie these ladies now!" Zalita hit Manolito with her broom.

"Mom! Stop it! We will untie them. Why can't you act like a gypsy? Ever since you have been with Kyle, you act like a rich bitch!"

Zalita hit Manolito with her broom again. Manolito fell but got back up. He rubbed his head and untied Megan. Manolito and Calin never argued with Zalita. Calin was untying Jennifer.

"You are lucky I don't flog you bastards!"

Zalita walked over to Jennifer and helped her up and she helped Megan up, too.

"I am so sorry about this. Being a gypsy and a mother, our scruples aren't like they should be. I never taught Manolito to steal. Calin is like a son to me but I am so ashamed of them. Are you ladies alright?"

"I am fine. Thanks, Zalita. You make them mind." Jennifer laughed. Megan laughed, too. Manolito and Calin left the caravan wagon. Manolito was holding his head. He would have a sore head for awhile.

Zalita, Jennifer and Megan got out of the caravan wagon. They hugged Zalita and walked down the hallway. The wolf ran toward them and Megan hugged him as he licked her face and he left as did Zalita.

Megan and Jennifer walked to the front of the wax museum. Caroline hugged them.

"Thanks heavens, you aren't hurt. I was so worried."

"We are fine, Caroline. Sorry to scare you. We saw a wolf but he didn't bother us." Jennifer sighed.

"Where did that wolf come from? Wolves in France? Unheard of. I am sorry I left you girls alone. It won't happen again. Bradley and Miles would never forgive me if something happened to you. I wouldn't forgive myself. I am ready to go home. How about you?"

Megan and Jennifer agreed. They got into the carriage. The gypsy men were leaving for England.. Hopefully, when they sailed back to England, they wouldn't encounter them on the waters.

"I do hope you enjoyed your day." Caroline said quietly.

"We did. As for the wolf, it makes for an exciting day." Megan smiled.

The rest of the ride home was quiet. They arrived back at the Kentsworth mansion. Bradley and Miles came out to help the women out. They walked into the house.

"Jennifer and Megan had a scare today. There was a wolf in the wax museum and Megan and Jennifer were missing. The wolf growled at me and my friends and Jennifer and Megan were in back of the museum. I was so scared."

"Mom, I am so sorry. Bradley put his arm around Jennifer. He kissed her cheek and whispered: "Your gypsy friends?"

"We just saw the wolf. Megan and I were looking at displays. That wax museum was creepy."

Miles looked at Megan. "Did the gypsy men bother you?"

"No." Megan kissed Miles cheek.

"Does that wolf belong to the gypsies?" Caroline asked.

"Yes. Those gypsies should be shot!" Bradley was upset.

Megan and Jennifer looked at each other. They weren't going to tell what happened at the wax museum. The gypsy men were leaving anyway.

"I need a cup of tea." Caroline rang for Denise to bring them tea.

"You ladies have mail fromVicki and Jane." Bradley handed the letters to Megan and Jennifer.

Vicki wrote that the dogs were fine and Megan's goat was doing fine as well. Jane's letter said she was writing another book and she missed them.

"Ladies, we are leaving Monday. As this is Friday. It is time to go home." Bradley looked at Jennifer. She wanted to go back but Monday. Great. They would probably encounter the gypsy men again. Maybe she should take Bradley to the future but they would have to have Zalita send them there. Bradley wouldn't like her time era. She hoped Calin would stay out of their lives or Bradley would shoot him.

"You are leaving Monday? Guess this is a good time to tell you. We are having a ball tomorrow time here. It was supposed to be a surprise. We want to announce your engagement, Bradley and Miles and Megan's as well. This will be a farewell party." Caroline's face beamed.

Outside the window, the two gypsy men were eavesdropping.

"Looks like we are going to the Ball, my friend. We will be wearing disguises. Zalita thinks we are on the ship to England. We will be Monday. Megan and Jennifer will be hostages on our ship. Are you with me, my friend?" Manolito laughed.

"That I am. We should drug them and get that drunken French Priest to marry us to our women. They will be our Princesses and Queens like it or not." Calin and Manolito drank their rum. They started singing: "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."

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