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Homeless and Humble
I awoke, and in an instant it seemed that all I had was gone. My wife couldn't bear to be near me, and I lost the home I lived in for over eight years. Do I give up, what do I fight for?
I work, but the money is not mine. It goes to her, why do I still feel the need to care for and protect her? Who is there for me? Everything I own fits in two storage units.
I tell myself it's just like camping. When I end my shift at my job, I search for seclusion. I have no home anymore, I sleep in random parking lots near my next job. It's easier that way. I take bird baths in the bathroom at my local Walmart. I still have hope, nothing can break me. Retired from the military. I've slept in worse places I tell myself. Living in my truck with nothing other than some food and gas to worry about, I know eventually I will be debt free.

This is what I, the author took from this personal story of a customer who came in to Subway for breakfast. It touched me, and it makes me sad that as an American, a retired military mans greatest thought while being homeless is, at least I will eventually pay off my Military Star Card and the IRS.
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