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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1940920
or how I learned to believe+
          "The spirit moves us, without it we are adrift in world of
        chaos. You must listen to your inner voice and become
        the power of good." Jimmy turned the radio down.
        His nieghbor's window was directly accross from his
        and the woman there liked to undress infront of the window
        with the shades up. Jimmy got his pocket pussy and began
        his lubing. His room was dark and the sound of his pocket pussy
        was muffled by his pillow.

          "Oh.... Jesus. She's using that electrict shaver ..." Jimmy grunted
        as he worked his pocket pussy. Jimmy froze in horror as his mother
        knocked on the door. "What are you doiing in there?
        I hope your studying."  she shouted. Jimmy cupped both his hands
        and spoke softly through the door, "I aaamm praying for the power
        of the spirit."  "Oh? It sounds like your pumping up something.
        ? Young man open this door!" His mother
        worked the door knob and then inserted her skelton key.

            But, Jimmy had put a dead bolt on his door. He could hear his
        mother calling for dad. The lady accross the street had finished shaving
        her legs and was aplying a moisturizer. She was wearing a yellow bathrobe
        with nothing underneath. Jimmy could barely see her shaven pussy.
        He quickly returned to his pucket pussy lubing. Suddenly, the lady left her
        room to answer the front door bell. Jimmy grabbed a Toosie roll and bit it hard.
        The lady returned to her room with his mother and father.
        His parents and the sexy woman walked over to the window and peered out
        into Jimmy's bedroom. He hit the floor quickly as the sexy lady used her
        flashlight to illuminate Jimmy's room.

            His mother clearly was upset with the sexy lady..
        An arguement grew louder
        and the sexy lady angrly pulled her shade down.
        A long silence followed.

                    "Jimmy open the door or I will kick it down." his dad shouted.

        Jimmy openned the dead bolt.
        The pocket pussy was on his bed ... 
          "Are you a pervert?" his mother gasped as she held Jimmy's slick
        pocket pussy. Jimmy gulped his Coka~Cola,

                    "I just had to. .. It was too powerfull." Jimmy trembled.

        His dad hugged him and squeezed the pocket pussy in his fist.
        "That was Satan. We will fight him together." his dad said,
        holding the pocket pussy as it dripped lube.
        Jimmy felt nauseas.
        His dad smiled,  "The good in you is still there. Satan has not taken
                                    your spirit."
        Jimmy's mother took the pocket pussy to the trash.
        "I-I believe in the power of the spirit!" Jimmy exclaimed ..
        "I knew you would; son. Now let's go have some dinner.
        Tomorrow I will press charges against that harlet and board up
        that window into Hell!" Jimmy's mom said with a red face.

        Jimmy had learned the power of the spirit ten fold when he was forced
        to confess his sinfulness in church
        and answer to every parishoner's question and condemnation.

        The power of the pocket pussy had been broken.


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