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Sorry if I rant because these were serious issues for me today
So today I went to a program at the library with my little brother and sister but that isn't the point today was stressful for a couple of things first of all. I went to the bathroom and when I was coming out I grabbed the door handle and the whole handle falls apart! I couldn't believe it I want even going to attempt to fix it. So you know what I did, I did what any reasonable person would do. I facebooked about that was the story of my life. Ha if you think the day could get any worse listen to this. Later on I played on the wii system I looked all over the house for batteries even when I got some that work it did a crappy job because they were old. They keep messing up my game, just dance 4. So I decideed to play monkey ball banana blitz after awhile. And when I was finally able to play it the game started acting up. The remote started to make this really loud alarm noise and the screen read please insert nun chalk, which I already had inserted before I played the game. It was really loud and I had no clue what to do I started running around with it like it was a bomb or something then I noticed that the wire was sort of broken on the nun chalk. I took it off and put a different one in the alarm and buzzing on the remote stopped. But I could faintly hear it still on my tv. I tried figuring out how to start to game over but failed. So I turned the wii system off then back on now the wii remote doesn't work but I think it was only because of the batteries...or at least I hope so ha ha ha :(. And then later on I'm reading my book and I almost get so sick of what they were talking about...way to descriptive. I don't even want to explain it. And now here I am telling you about my weird day. How many other people have had a day like this. Please let me know I would like to talk to you. Because idk of anyone else has had a day like this before or not.
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