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Rated: 18+ · Other · Gay/Lesbian · #1942009
I thought I'd done with picking up girls in bars
She makes me feel comfortable, this woman. I thought I was done with picking up girls in clubs, but this one is irresistible.
Her eyes hold mine as she speaks, her slow easy smile reveals her slightly crooked teeth, soft, full lips - I can’t stop watching as she talks, her mouth forming the words that my ears take in.
A dimple.
I sit on her bed, looking up at her as she takes her dress off in one smooth, quick movement. She stands in lacy underwear looking down at me. She never takes her eyes from mine as she kicks off her high heel shoes. She moves towards me, and I literally get a shiver of anticipation. She gently pushes in between my legs, I kiss her soft belly.
She takes my hands, and pulls me up to face her. She’s a little taller than me. We kiss, tentatively, then assertively. I feel her tongue brush against my lower lip.
She undoes the top buttons of my shirt, and then pulls it off over my head. Expertly, my jeans are undone and off within seconds, quickly followed by my panties. We sit; I move behind her and undo her lacy bra. It slips slowly off her shoulders, falling to the floor. No rush. I get as close as I can behind her, I feel her soft skin on mine, I can feel her breathing. My hands run across her shoulders, moving her long, red hair to one side as I kiss the back of her neck. I inhale and I know it’s going to be good; I can smell it.
I stroke her arms, down from the shoulders to her hands, and then back up on the inside. She likes that. My fingertips explore the secrets of her armpits, traveling down either side of her breasts, then across her belly. I do this once more before I hold her breast in my hand, ripe, full, and heavy. I gently pull her nipple, feeling its response in my hand.
She turns, I fall back and she leans over me, her hands on either side of my body. Her smile fills me with anticipation, I smile back. Carefully she lowers her body on top of mine, her thigh firm and warm between my legs. We kiss deeply, tongues teasing, she moves her body on mine, knowing, feeling my growing arousal.
We roll and I’m on top now, I move as she was moving, grinding my thigh into her, she meets my movement with her hips, our kisses becoming urgent.
I kiss her neck, collarbone and breasts, she gasps as I take her nipple into my mouth, and pull gently with my lips before letting go.
My voice is husky; “can I go down on you?”
“ Mmm hmmm, yes” she whispers back.
I take my time getting to my destination, licking, tasting, listening to her breathing, listening to her heart beating enjoying the sounds of her enjoyment. When I arrive I find she’s wet, hot and ready for me.
I lick her slowly. She likes it that way. She tastes so good, I want more. I enter her, first with my tongue, then with two fingers. As they move in and out, my tongue massages her clit; I can feel her grow harder, swelling, stimulated to capacity. Her hips move, and together we bring her to her orgasm. She lets go, relaxing into me. I withdraw gently, and kiss my way back up her body. I feel her shaking, we smile, I lay on top of her as we kiss. Quickly, she rolls me over and becomes the Alpha female. She pins my arms above my head, and gently bites me all the way down my body. She looks up to find me watching her, with a smile she takes both breasts in her hands, continuing on her journey.
I feel so feminine.
She touches, my body and mind respond immediately. Eyes closed to the outside world it’s just us, just here and now. I feel her between my legs; I open my eyes to see her going down on me. What a mind fuck. She brings me to the edge of orgasm, and I stay there, hovering until finally I let go waves of energy rushing up and down my body. Then, I feel my whole body melt into the bed. My lover moves up my body to kiss me, sweet, after sex kisses, we taste ourselves and each other.
She stays there, on top of me, warming me, my comfort as we talk, smile and laugh. Kissing and holding each other in the afterglow that comes from sexual connection, falling asleep together is magical, waking up with each other is completion.
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