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dont really have a brief description so my summary will be a different color with my story
My works are also on booksie.com my penname there is wolfchick365. I will be posting all my works on here as well I have several so it me take me a few days to put all of them on here but you dont have to go to booksie.com because they will be on here XD hope you enjoy reading what I have on them they are no where near done but I really hope you like what i have so far!

my book/novel is about a teenage werewolf who doesn't know her boyfriend max is also shadow a kind and caring were she falls for as a wolf. her life is about to be more complicated then she ever thought it would be because she discovers a talent that the wolves hadn't passed down in eons...when she finds that shadow has a similar talent her new world just won't stop spinning with new unlocked secrets that keep adding to this forever complex life.


April 3rd

Today is the day I will finally be accepted into the elemental pack. My name is Water Lover, and I come from a wolf clan tribe in savannah. I can’t wait for tonight I’ll finally be in the pack I chose after my traning and the change where completed. I’ll start as a pup but I plan on oneday being the alpha of my own pack.But I didn’t know that my world was forever changing. Nor did I know or think that I’d ever find out the Max and Shadow were the same people…

Chapter 1

I walked from behind the tree I had rapidly changed behind. There was a sharp low growl, and then I realized I was late, laying my ears flat I whimpered awaiting someone to tell me I was going to be punished.A white she-wolf I had come to know as Lola growled at the pitch black wolf, “She is new leave her alone.” Lola trotted over to me and so did a silvery russet wolf that I didn’t know. Lola was pure white. Silvery russet barked in a friendly tone, “Hey, My name is Summer Rose, What’s your name?” my ears perked slightly as I answered, “The tribe I came from called me Water Lover, but my mom calls me Water Lilly.” Then the black wolf spoke, “She looks like a Lilly to me.” I flinched at the nickname Max gave me three years ago coming from the black wolf’s muzzle. Lola growled at him, “You said you wanted no part in the new comer remember?” Lola’s words sink in and I know he sees the sadness in my eyes and he starts to walk off, I yell, “Wait!” and run to him “I…uh…didn’t get your name.”I saw the friendship and remembrance in his dark charcoal almost black eyes and he spoke, “My name is Shadow.” I heard Lola in the distance grumbling to herself and Summer Rose attempting to comfort her, but I silently watched him walk off a single blue tear fell to the ground what am I thinking I have Max why am I crying over a wolf I have only just met. Lola walked over to me and spoke softly, “Don’t worry about shadow he’s annoying and a jerk and he tries to give you information about what you are ignore it he’s stupid.”As if she had read my mind and saw the tear.

The Next Day

I awakened back in my bed saddend that I was no longer in the woods that I now considered my home, my pelt gone all that remained of my wolf side were my eyes. My mother Isabelle was sitting in the chair at the foot of my bed it looked as if she had been crying, so I asked her what was wrong. She answered quietly, “Water Lilly dear…” she could finish that sentence and we both knew it Max had gotten hurt strange because shadow had missed several runs so I sat there wondering if it was somehow linked. Cadh Sidhe my kitten jumped in my lap as if he knew I was sad. I picked him up to pet him and he let out his fussy meow, but petting him comforted me so I didn’t let him down and I fell asleep again.

My Dream

I was sitting at the large glass window Max next to me our children we had adopted when they were babies all grown up and out in the backyard with their children, our grandchildren playing in the meadow and lake. Then I black out only it’s not black everything is red…I’m screaming but no one can up hear me, and no one is there to save me…I wake up again screaming and my mother rushes in to comfort me its night now and I think that i will never go back to sleep why must I forever be tortured by my nightmares…and then I fell asleep again…

Chapter 2:

I woke up some time in the afternoon three people are awaiting me down stairs my mother announced as she walked in my room with a smile. Which meant Max was here and ok. But who were the other two? I told my mom to send them up to my room in five minutes.I hurriedly got dressed in something better than pajamas right when I was done I heard the familiar knock Max always used to do and said, “Come in,” not expecting the other three people to follow him to my room. I sat eyes guarded awaiting someone to speak. “My dearest Lilly, Oh how I’ve missed you.” I practically jumped at the chance to hug him. I saw the other two people before I hugged him and looked at him a ‘what the heck’ written all over my face. He then explained that theywere friends of his and that he thought we might get along. He quietly introduced us, “This is Summer and Shimmer.” I curtsied and said, “Pleasure.” But then hugged Max and kissed him on the cheek. Ignoring Summer and Shimmer’s giggling we kissed it was my first one finally and I heard Max’s voice only he hadn’t spoke “Really it’s your first? But that can’t be true.” I pulled away tears filling my eyes ready to spill over and I answered out loud, “yes it’s my first…” in a barely audible whisper. He engulfed me in a bear hug and I silently sobbed. They stared at me confused like we had some type of mental warfare. I tapped Max and pointed he turned and watched their strange reactions with me. When they stopped we spoke, “Really you guys?” But this only made them laugh more. I forced a slight growl that shocked them, well max wasn’t he just smiled. So I asked innocently “Why so shocked?” But they just sat there staring. this time max laughed and said "lovely isn't she?" Summer, Shimmer, and i growled at the same time and stared at each other. he just laughed and whispered in my ear " see i told you ya'll would get along"

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