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Vampires are (almost) human too. A Daily Flash Fiction Winner
The Lesson

Vladimir Ambrogio III, known as “Trey”, tossed restlessly in his sleep as he dreamt. ”You can’t be here. You’re late. You’ve missed the deadline.” The dascăl (teacher or master) glared at him with frightful eyes.

Trey’s eyes opened as fear surged through him. Oh hell, I’m late. He reached, sliding his hand out of the coffin only to be blinded by strong sunlight. He felt the fingers on his hand quickly char and turn to ash before he could pull it back.

“Crap!” He knew the fingers would grow back but all the kids at school would make fun of him, calling him “early riser,” “insomniac,” and other names.

“Vladimir, time to get up.” The soft voice of his mother penetrated the ancient wood.

I wonder how she does that? “I’m awake. I’m coming!”

As he crawled out of bed, his mother came into the room. "Mele mezin! (My baby) Vat haf you done to yourself?”

“Mo-om! Don’t call me that! My name is Trey. It’s nothing, really.”

“Don’t you raise your voice to me, little Mister,” she shot back, dropping her human façade and letting her true face show.

“Mom! That hasn’t scared me in years.”

“I know, I know. You grow up so fast,” she sighed. "Ce să fac? (What am I to do?)"

“Speak English. We live in America now. I’ve got to go. Today we finish our transformation class and get to fly,” he said excitedly.

She walked up and hugged him. “Okay, Okay. Have the school nurse look at your hand. You be careful from now on. Don’t forget, the early bat gets the burn.”

“I promise … and I know - Mama știe cel mai bine. (Mother knows best)"

“Mele mezin.”

Trey just grinned and shook his head as he hurried out the door.

An entry for the 7/20/13 round of "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge [13+]
Prompt: Write a story that includes the line: " You've missed the deadline."

The language is Romanian. Sorry - couldn't get the "pop notes" to work *Laugh*

Word Limit: 300
Word Count: 296

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please, as long as you’re here, leave a comment. Criticisms, thoughts, reactions, yes – even praise – are all equally welcome *Smile*
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