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by suseZ
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #1944309
A poem that I wrote when I missed my mother like never before.
         An Untold Truth

I heard mother talking about me
and she never knows I heard her.
After all, I was not her blood -
to be complaining
that she does not love me.

The voice inside me made it simple.
Told me to go as far away as I could go,
to leave my family and friends and go.
"Go and live without a reason to cry,
breakaway from all chains of lies."

But there is always another voice
that contradicts the former.
The latter asks me a question-
"Is that all I love my folks?"
And reminded me of all my dreams.

I can see all that I dream
is built around them.
I see the times when I have-
taken the wrong step by unintended mistakes,
But that is how I yearn to learn.

I stand in front of my mother's grave,
Hoping she could read my thoughts.
Belief is the greatest gift for mankind;
I believe the tides would turn and allow me
to make the journey of my life.

My stepmother is the reason my father smiles,
she can possibly never understand my gratefulness
but that should not stop me from loving them
for it is because of them,
I have become more strong.

I will never leave them stranded
but I know they fear it.
Suicidal notions fail on me
because I know dying is nothing
but living truly is everything.

So here is an untold truth
that I could never tell a soul,
that I felt cheated for being deprived-
of a mother's unconditional love,
and truly hope this agony is only mine.
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