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by suseZ
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #1944324
Love hurts but leaves me with poems.
         Memories Sting

Sometimes I get this sting
From nowhere but my heart
Pulse rising like Tsunami
Creating waves of endless memories
Hitting me hard for every beat
And in the outside world are
Those things and beings
Living their own lives

Nothing have I experienced
With such a cynic fiend
Before I could really start
With hopeless cry she ended
Not just the life together
But even our vows
That I thought it stays
Throughout our darkest days

The dawn will arrive
No matter the storm last night
As the day grows old
The sun becomes brighter
But the light kisses only my skin
My insides burn
With hatred and dark vengeance
And devastates my weak mind

I will tell you its a cycle
Whether I ride uphill
Or I Speed down the steep
The sting sets things in motion
Again and again everyday
Sometimes unbearable,
Blinding and deafening
When memories are so strong.

True Love does not know time
And so did I but felt cheated
when she intended not to wait.
I believed in what we had
Sadly it was never true
The realization is a bit too late
That she loved life more than me
And I loved her more than mine.

A man's heart will never heal
Once loved and deprived.
Destroyed and torn apart
The pain never ceases.
Memories haunt me now and then,
Every time, stinging me
Stabbing me like a pointed knife
Leaving me with scars forever.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1944324-Memories-Sting