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by Mike
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Dark · #1944905
Something big is happening to the world and it is only getting worse.
Chapter one: Into the Blackness

It is Thursday, August ninth, 1998. The air is cold and the breeze doesn't make things any warmer. It has

been like this ever since my late wife Susan passed away six years ago on this very same day. It's weird... Things

just keep getting stranger. The weather reports say that there is another cold front heading our way here in Florida.

I wonder why Florida is so cold all of a sudden. That's the same question I asked myself six years ago when

Susan lost the battle to breast cancer. The sunshine state is not so sunny anymore. It is more shallow and dull

when compared to what it once was. You know... The state where it never snows... The state where retired people

go for a nice long vacation. I mean, what is going on here? This place is not only cold and depressing, but also

continues to gradually turn dark. The weather reports don't help any. Susan loved Florida because it was the

perfect getaway... An escape from all her problems back in the day concerning her parents refusing to take me in

as their son-in-law. This was before we married, of course. She was like a blossom that could never get enough

sunshine on her pedals. I could still remember her smile even after the darkness blocked out the sun. It seems like

forever that I have been stuck here in complete and utter darkness with no way of escape. I haven't experienced the

bitter cold nature of life until Susan lost the will to live. That day is a day like no other when the only person I have

ever loved... The only person I fought hard to keep... The only person I would do anything to be with... Just stops

breathing... Leaving me to suffer and linger on in darkness. This madness grows every day and there is nothing I

can do. Weather reports have been saying time and time again that the world is growing darker with each passing

day. The world has gone dark with no sign of light returning any time soon. Every year they say that... they say

that it just keeps getting darker. The meteorologists are even terrified of this pandemic . This is nothing like a

tornado swooping across the land leaving hundreds injured... This is a threat to the entire world... What happens if

the world goes completely dark with no light whatsoever? A year after Susan died, the reports spoke of chaos

going on all over the country when the darkness swarmed over. It's like wherever the darkness goes... The people

start losing their minds with fear... Anxiety... Recklessness... And finally disaster within itself. Who would have

thought that such a peaceful land would be infected by an overwhelming shadow that came out of nowhere? I sure

as hell didn't when the fatalities first struck in Delaware. interviews were held and I could see the look in the

people's eyes when the camera guy roamed through the streets looking for comments on the situation they were in

. I don;t blame those people for just walking away because if I were in that situation then... I wouldn't waste my time

when I should be getting the hell outta there before something worse struck next. Many people started to panic

while others took it upon themselves to take advantage of this darkness. Some stole food, clothes, and other

materials while others set fire to building for no apparent reason. I did not understand why they did this until a report

caught my eye one afternoon when a young seven year old boy took a razor and cut his wrists up so bad that he

died from blood loss the next day. He had no mental problems or thoughts of suicide in the past from what I have

gathered in the reporter's words. That's where I started to think... Maybe this darkness is some kind of curse going

around turning everyone into brainless freaks. Could this be the work of Susan, my wife? Did she want to bring us

all down with her? No, she couldn't! She would never do that! She was the sweetest person I have ever met. But

cancer does put a lot on a person's mind, especially when they know they are going to die. Susan... Did you really

want us to go with you? Electricity soon came next after the first year... It was the beginning of the end for us all...

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