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by Maisie
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Life is short but long enough to mess it up.How does that even make sense?
"Life is short". It really bugs me when people quote this to try force me to comprehend the supposedly 'normal' explanation of why they decided to do something absolutely ridiculous. That's one thing I admire about teenagers because the reason to everything is always either "YOLO" or shrugging and grunting "cuz I wanted to". They have no annoying hour long excuse for making stupid mistakes.

As people go through life professing it to be short they forget one important factor to life. Logic. I agree to a certain degree life is short but it would be illogical to screw it up on pathetic mistakes that give you such a 180 degree turn, life isn't short enough for it to go away. You live with that in the rest of the 60 years you have left. Not stereotyping but the people who usually quote that to the rest of us are usually the ones who have enough time in life to spend most nights 'up in da club' flirting and drinking the night away and are a walking STI waiting to happen. Yet, let themselves get into that state for the one reason that they may only live an average of 80 years old so must do what they want without waiting for a minute to think of the consequences.

I'm 15 years old, yes I know I have a long time left in my life and not much experience but I have seen my friends sleep with more people than that living in California so consequently have a bit of a reputation which lead to many job applicant failures due to their life being short. It may be short but it's gonna get longer if you have nothing to do.I like to think of it in this way. Do exactly what I say. Close your eyes and imagine your best friend or closest family member. They have just told you they have a month left to live. Besides breaking down and crying your heart out you would want to spend their last month with them in the best way possible right? If you say no you're heartless and need a shrink. However, for the caring people; we may live a short life but in our short time here yes live it to the full but like in your friend/family member's last month do what you can to not be sensless and stupid but think things through. Hoping that maybe, just maybe your brains could wipe out the entire idiotic element of the human race.
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