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by Brad
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1945734
Brad, a young man with a crush on the beauty Valeria, finds himself in a bit of a problem.
Valeria - http://thegiftedgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Valeria-Orsini1.jpg

         Today was going to be a good day, I thought to myself. I got dressed in my usual T-shirt and jeans, and headed out the door. I lived in an apartment in the middle of town. As I was heading to work, I saw Valeria Orsini. She was a beautiful woman I had a crush on, she never actually considered going out with me because of our age differences, I was seventeen and she was twenty-eight. I always tried to ask her out, but it always resulted in me getting lectured by her that I was too young for her. But today, I felt like trying anyway “why if it isn’t the beautiful Valeria” I said romantically “I don’t know why you still bother trying that anymore” Valeria said “maybe because you’re so irresistible” “I suppose that’s sweet” she told me. “Come on, just one kiss” I pleaded “well, if you say so” she said as she leaned toward me, I couldn’t believe, we were actually kissing. When she leaned back, I noticed something odd; my body felt like it was shrinking. That’s because it was, I saw Valeria getting bigger and bigger, and the ground getting closer and closer. I kept shrink until I was about one inch tall “what did you do to me” I panicked “showing you that not only is your age smaller”. Valeria then bent down and picked me up “what are you going to do to me” I yelled “you wanted to be closer to my heart” and she dropped me right between her now gigantic breasts. I then looked up and saw Valeria giant face, and her finger pushing me down deeper. Now I could just barely see her face or anything else, it smelt like perfume down here. Her breast started to close in on me even more when Valeria tightened her bra “I doubt you’ll be going anywhere” she whispered. Then Valeria started moving, her breasts started bouncing and all I could hear were her loud footsteps.

         When Valeria got home she picked me out of her cleavage and dropped me in an empty Cosmo bottle. “Are you going to tell me what’s going on” I asked, but she didn’t answer. Valeria picked up the bottle I was in and made her way to the bathroom. She laid the bottle on the nearby counter by the sink, and to my surprise she started taking her clothes off “I….ugh…..don’t know what to say” I said confused “I’m taking a bath you idiot, did you really think I’d screw a tiny man”. I felt pretty embarrassed, but on the bright side I did get to see Valeria take a bath, now if only I could be out of this bottle and in there with her.

         After about twenty minutes of me watching Valeria taking her bath, she finally got out. She dried herself off and put on a bra and panties, and walked over to the bottle I was in “Val, what are you going to do to me” I asked “I was thinking of making you my sweet little pet” Valeria said in an evil tone. “C’mon Val, just change me back, I’ll never bother you again, I promise” I pleaded “I’m sorry, but you’re size is permanent, you’re stuck like this forever” “no, you’re lying” I said, but she just ignored me and tipped the bottle I was in upside down and I landed in her hand. “Now I think I’ll teach you how to paint my toenails, how does that sound” she said happily.

         And so I spent the rest of the afternoon painting Valeria’s toenails while she talked on the phone and watched TV. I carefully painted each toenail with an incredibly heavy nail polish brush, I heard a beep and saw Valeria was hanging up the phone “oh, you’re very good at painting my toenails, I think I’ll make you paint them all the time from now on” she said “please change me back” I once again pleaded “will you stop with that, I already told you it’s permanent, you might as well just accept it, your time with me will be much more enjoyable if you do” “you shrink me to one inch, and now you expect me to be your slave, nobody deserves this kind of treatment” I yelled, but Valeria just picked me up and put me back in that empty bottle of Cosmo “you can get out when you learn to treat me with a little more respect” she lectured. I slept there for the whole night in the couple drops of wine still in the bottle.

         The next morning I waited two hours for Valeria to wake up, but when she did, she tipped me out of the bottle and said “have anything to say to me” “ Valeria, I can’t express how sorry I am to you, I am yours to do whatever you want” I said. Valeria smiled and said “I’m glad we could see it our way”, she then tucked me in the top of her panties so only my torso and head were sticking out as she made her way to the kitchen. It was odd, I’ve always tried to ask Val out for so long, but now just like that I’m literally in her panties. Once she got to the kitchen, Valeria made two pieces of toast and put me on the table “do I get anything to eat” I asked “you can just eat the crumbs” she replied, I felt mistreated. But I decided to eat the crumbs as they fell from Valeria mouth; I didn’t want to be put back in that bottle. After Valeria was done eating, I decided to ask her “Hey Val, I was wondering if….ugh…” “You...what?” she asked “if you know we could still hookup” “now that is funny” “you carried me in you cleavage and panties, and you let me watch you take a bath, but you’re saying we can’t be together” I complained “maybe if I was really desperate” she told me.

         After a couple days of being Valeria pet slave, she decided to go sunbathing in her backyard. She also took me with her “okay little man, I have a job for you” she ordered, I kept silent because I knew I wasn’t allowed to talk unless she said I could. “I need you rub this lotion all over my back, no excuses, no delays, and no screw ups, got it?” she told me “yes mistress Valeria” I responded, Valeria poured some lotion on her back and placed me on her back beside it. I immediately started spreading out all the lotion over her back and butt, after I finished rubbing the lotion on Valeria’s back, I made my way to her butt. I started rubbing in the lotion on her butt, but it was so big. I constantly found myself falling into her butt crack, and trying to climb out. But I soon finished, and by the time I did, I saw that Valeria was already asleep. So I made my way to her face and slept beside her.

         Soon months went by, and I remained her slave, ready to serve her. The search for me was given up a long time ago. I now belonged to Valeria, and the more I spend around her, the more I start to love her. I know I’m her pet, nothing more, but sometime I still wish we could be together, even at this size.

To be continued

© Copyright 2013 Brad (justchillen122 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1945734