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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #1947490
Contest entry - observation of a cat's curiosity
Mew is a soft blonde-white cat, who formerly survived out on the streets before a quiet and kindly lady found her and took her in as her newest companion.  Mew sensed her gentleness and took to her quickly over these few days.

By this early hour of the morning, Mew, a young beauty full of energy, bounces into the room doing a sideways crab-crawl maneuver.  On the prowl exploring her new home and intent on having fun, she playfully arches her back as high as could be while each one of her soft hairs stood on end, electrified!  Compulsion draws her toward the brightly lit sheer curtains, and, charging with a leap, Mew turns herself into a living, breathing cling-on.  It’s not the first time though, and, as one can see with the fast-growing number of claw marks in the new, yet quickly-turning-shabby curtains, it will not be the last.  But Mew’s new mom is amused and doesn’t mind.

Swinging from the curtain, Mew sees a small globe which is filled with water and curiously, something else.  The intrigued curtain-cling-on hops down, and the new view seen from where the globe sits is of a stiff furry tail heading straight for it.  At once, two white-socked paws suddenly and silently appear along with a large white-whiskered face in front of the small globe that held the something else in it. 

Without blinking Mew stares at the swimming things darting about the globe, her pupils, that seconds ago were slits have now quickly turned into two large black saucers.  Darting around, two tiny goldfish swim panicked at the sight of the uninvited and most unwelcome visitor that fills the outside of their globe with its dangerous looking face.  Instincts have Mew’s paw in the water as Mew’s mom walks in smiling…
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1947490-Cat-Curiosity