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Same as part 1
Chapter 2
Welcome to Silent Hill

After a little while of cycling we came across a battered old sign. 'WELCOME TO SILENT HILL' it stated. There was something about it that scared me. Maybe it was the way Bessie recoiled when she saw it, or maybe I was just my mind trying to scare me. That I will never know but I do know that I was absolutely right to be frightened. Once I'd passed that sign, there was no going back. I passed the sign and now I wish I hadn't but I did and I can't change that. A soon as I entered this God forsaken town I noticed that Bessie was really uncomfortable. As was I.I tried to turn back but I just kept coming back to the same square, it seemed like there was no was out. But I mean there couldn't have been could there? Once again we were back in the square. We had no map and no idea of where to go, we were lost, trapped. Suddenly I heard a high pitched ring. At first it sounded as if it was coming from inside my head. I was dizzy and disoriented. Bessie started sniffing at my coat pocket and suddenly I remembered. Last time I'd worn this massive coat, I'd left my spare mobile in the pocket. It had been turned off the whole time so I didn't understand but I picked it up regardless. 'Welcome newcomer, it's such a surprise that your here, I never thought you'd come.' Remarked the voice at the end of the phone. It sounded strangely familiar but I just couldn't work out where I'd heard it before. But the phone hung up before I could say anything. By now I'd realised that the 'snow' was actually ash. I remembered my mother telling me that the town had been set alight just months after wed left, and that it was still burning deep underground. Why on earth had I come here for my holiday? Why hadn't I remembered? I decided to get off my bike and take a look around. I clipped Bessie to her lead an walked over to the fountain I the middle of the square. Why was it derelict? It didn't make any sense. I looked up to see the statue on the fountain expecting to see the beautiful sapphire coloured dolphins that were there previously, but nope, of course not. Why should they be? everything else was different. Instead what I saw was far more dismal than that, what I saw In that town I have to say I have had nightmares about ever since. On top of that fountain was a statue of a foul creature with a metal pyramid shaped helmet covering his head, he would have been at least a foot taller than me if he was on the floor. Or had bulging muscle and what looked like a butcher's apron covering its legs. That's not all that scared me though. He was holding a massive knife and it had rubies encrusted onto it for colour, I guessed was blood. In his other hand was what scared me most, it was a statue of some one who had been gutted and their guts were dripping down the side o the fountain, that statue was me.
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