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This is a start to the book I want to write.
I woke up this morning the sound of a cupboard door slamming shut, and water being poured into a coffee pot to brew coffee. It was my mother who will be walking upstairs in about two minutes to wake up me, my sister and two of my brothers for school. Today is not the first day of school but for the second time this year we are switching schools. This time we had no idea what was happening or where we were going. My sister is sitting next to me picking at her nails and my older brother is sitting up front playing with the radio when my mom slaps his hand and says, "stop!" She proceeded to tell us that she will pick us up after school and we are going straight home to pack so we can be out in five days. At this point in my childhood I didn't know that you had to be out by the last day of the month or that generally speaking a move in date is the first of the month but five days to pack and move seemed impossible. I immediately started crying because I just started Lake City High School. I just started making new friends and I was learning where everything was. We entered in a side door of the brick building, which looked like a school should look. We seen a couple rooms but they were offices with nobody in them. We continued walking down a cool corridor with grey painted brick walls until we seen an exit sign hanging from the ceiling with an arrow pointed to the left. We took that hallway and at the end was a hallway to where we turned right which brought us into the main office of Plainview High School. Josh was the first to enter into the office and for some reason he was excited and was just set to go for the day. I was the last one in and just seeing the look on the office workers face when we entered made me want to puke. I felt immediately judged, humiliated even though they had no idea we've switched different schools twice this year. It was time for us kids to get separated into our own grades now and I am scared shitless. I was patiently waiting for lunch time to come around so I could see my brothers and sister. Of course, I never got to see them right away because each grade went into lunch separately which made sense because there are a lot of students in this school. I never did end up seeing my older brother and I seen Jennifer and Jeremiah for a little bit. I walked through the line with a tray and put food on my plate but I didn't eat. Finally the last bell rings and we all meet outside looking for our mother. She was right on time, surprisingly. We took a different route home so all I did was stare out the window the entire way home. Normally when we get home we're supposed to do homework, chores and then we can go do stuff. I felt comfortable knowing I was back in Lake City in our home but then I felt sick knowing that we're moving again. We went through hell trying to get the house owners to rent this to us. Thankfully I didn't have any homework and chores, who did chores anymore? Not us kids. We waited until we were told to do something then we'd do it. I put on my tank top which has the name of a bar printed on the front of the tank top which if you think about it it's probably inappropriate for a ten year old. I put on shorts, socks and put my sandals on and headed out the door.

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