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I wrote this for my grandson Mason, when he was a baby.
Now your only three months old,
But in no time you’ll be grown.
One day we’ll notice how big you are,
And how quickly time has flown.
When I look at your little face,
I can only smile and stare.
So many things cross my mind,
Even when you’re not right there.
I wonder how your voice will sound,
And how you’ll say my name.
I love those dimples when you smile.
You’re Mommy’s are the same!
Soon you’ll learn to crawl, then walk.
What will you get into?
When you say your first cuss word,
What will your Mommy do?
How long will you ride in a shopping cart?
Will you try riding underneath?
Will you like to take a bath at night?
Will you mind brushing your teeth?
I wonder if you will like school,
And if you will make good grades.
Will you laugh at scary movies?
Or, will they sometimes make you afraid?
Who will be your “first love”?
Will she end up breaking your heart?
If so, the hoochie better run real fast,
Cause GiGi will tear her apart!!!
When will you find that special girl?
Will you have children of your own?
Will I actually live to see these things,
Or will I already be gone?
I will always be with you, Mason.
In your heart I’ll always be there.
Cause GiGi’s love is forever,
And with you everywhere..
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