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Sometimes things develop into something beautiful
Jared peered through the viewfinder of his Canon Eos 1v 35mm camera and snapped pictures of the people milling about Space Needle.  As Seattleites tended to do, no one paid him any attention, leaving him to enjoy the completely natural behavior of the pedestrians.  Jared blinked his pale blue eyes a couple of times to refocus them then resumed taking pictures. 

From his right, a woman walked into Jared’s line of sight, making him pause.  She was distracted, texting on her phone as she walked.  He pressed his finger down and took a picture of her.  Wow, she’s pretty.  I bet my date tonight won’t be near as pretty.  Jared, through his camera, was able to watch the woman without causing suspicion or alarm.

She was tall, judging from the people around her, svelte in her tapered skirt and white button down shirt.  She wasn’t wearing heels so her height was as natural as the acid blonde hair that fell in soft waves down to her shoulders where it turned inward toward her neck.  The woman sat on a bench, her head bent to her flying fingers and phone.  Jared could tell her hair was naturally that blonde because as he watched her, he zoomed his lens in to see her face up close, and there were no roots that spoke of a bleach job.  Her neck was long and graceful, not a flaw to be seen on the alabaster skin.  She had a gentle curve to her chin and full lips with a hint of lipstick. 

Jared zoomed in and took pictures of the woman, up close, catching the curve of her neck, the sweep of her chin, the moment that her tongue slipped from between her lips as though she were in deep thought and the straight, white teeth that peeked from behind her lips.  As he took the pictures, Jared noticed that a fine dusting of freckles covered the bridge of her delicate nose and then his viewfinder located her eyes and Jared froze.  Oh my stars!  Those are the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.  He blinked… down and up slowly… twice as Jared stared through his camera at the woman’s eyes.  Never in his life, had he ever seen eyes the color of midnight.  They were so blue that they gave the impression of being black except in the very center near the iris was the softest of greys that lightened them a fraction.  Jared took a couple of pictures of nothing but the woman’s eyes, his heart pounding his chest.

Suddenly, feeling like a stalker and remembering that he had a blind date in a few hours, Jared jerked his head back away from his camera.  Oh damn I wish that woman was my date instead of what’s-her-name.  Oh crap, I can’t even remember her name.  Jared blinked a couple of times trying to get his errant mind back on track.  Just one more picture…

Jared put the camera back to his eye and took the zoom back out so that he could see the lovely woman’s face and snapped a couple frames.  Zooming out again, he took a couple more of her profile and body as she sat on the bench.  With a small smile on his face, Jared put the lens cap on his camera and turned to leave the Seattle Center.


Dannica walked slowly, watching for obstacles and hazards out of her peripheral as she texted.  It was her lunch hour and she was anything but hungry.  Nerves had stolen her appetite and had made concentrating on work difficult. 

Do I have to go?  She sent to her friend, Janice, as she sat down, looking up briefly to assess her surroundings, making sure she didn’t see any creepers lurking.

You promised. Janice replied quickly.  Danni’s hands were steady as they held the phone and her fingers were swift as they touched the screen.

I hate dating.  It sucks and they all think I’m dumb as a post.

But you promised.  Just wear that red scarf.

Fine.  But I want you to know I’m doing this under protest.  I don’t need a guy.

I know you don’t, but Danni, he’s cool, I promise.

Danni stopped for a moment when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye.  Without lifting her head, she looked at the person who’d gotten her attention.  Holy crap!  He’s cute!  I wonder what he looks like up close.  Danni’s fingers started to fly again.  You won’t believe this!


There is a guy here at the Center that is taking pictures with a real camera… not a digital one!

How can you tell?

I can see his camera… it’s like mine.

And here I thought you were the only weirdo that didn’t like digital cameras.

Bite me Jan.  I wish he was my date though.


Because he’s hot.

Details Danni!  Don’t leave me hanging!

Danni giggled at her friend’s response and thought briefly about leaving her hanging without details.  But the idea of sharing was more fun than being an imp.

He looks tall… can’t really tell he’s squatting to take pictures of the people here.  Has dark hair, you know like Kit Harington dark… kinda wild like his too.  He’s got some nice scruff going too.


Can’t tell.  Camera remember! Duh!

Bite me Danni… give me more!

It’s hard to see more, he’s across the way on the other side of the Needle.  He’s buff though… His arms are… yummy.

Danni watched the man with the camera for a moment, again without lifting her head.  He stood and put the cap on his lens and turned to leave.

OH MY GOD!!! She texted.


Oh he’s tall and what an ass!!! I want to go play with his ass… please???

Danni! Oh my god!  Get a grip!  Date remember?

No… I want him

Well you can’t have him… he’s a stranger.  Is he leaving?

Yeah… damnit.  Long legs too.  I’m gonna pout now.

LOL!  You pout.  Maybe he’ll be out tomorrow when you aren’t otherwise engaged.

Party pooper.

Danni put her phone away and stood.  With a heavy sigh, she started walking back to work.


Jared poked at the paper in the developing solution and watched with his heart racing as the beautiful woman from the Seattle Center appeared as if by magic on the surface.  He’d gotten home with no other thought than getting into his darkroom and developing the film he’d shot that afternoon.  He’d been beside himself with anticipation while he meticulously went through the process.  Never had he ever been so impatient to see the product of his work.  Image after image appeared until the lovely face of the woman shown and his breath caught in his chest.  Lord, she’s beautiful. His cell phone alarm buzzed on his hip incessantly until, with an impatient jerk, yanked the phone from its carrier and silenced the alarm.  Jared hung the last picture up to dry then left the room.

He’d contemplated cancelling his blind date after seeing the woman but his conscience wouldn’t allow him to.  So Jared dutifully showered, but didn’t bother shaving. I’d rather wait and go after that woman… see what she prefers.  He dressed in black slacks and a white button down shirt.  Pulling his favorite blue tie down, Jared tied it loosely around his neck so that it gave him the look of casual yet dressy.  He contemplated his hair for a moment then shook his head knowing that it wouldn’t behave even if he tried so why bother?  Rubbing his hand over his stubble, Jared grabbed his keys and left.

He walked into The Pike Brew Pub, muttering to himself his blind date’s name, and scanned the room, looking for a woman wearing a red scarf.  Jared’s eyes widened in shock when he saw the scarf.  Slowly, his heart flying, he made his way to the table where she sat. 


Danni looked up and felt a tingle of shock shimmy up her spine.  Her date was supposed to be wearing a blue tie and the only man with a blue tie was walking toward her with a stunned expression on his face.  He can’t be my date… I don’t have luck like that… oh god!  Here he comes.

He stopped in front of Danni and licked his lips nervously.

“Are you Dannica?” he asked and she nodded.

“You’re Jared?” she returned and he nodded.

“I saw you today!” They exclaimed in unison.  The two of them blinked in surprise then laughed, each thinking that perhaps this blind date wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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