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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1949570
Created for the Romance Round of Jay's Dialogue 500 Contest
Word Count 499

    "Dave, I do want to, but we haven't even been going out for a year yet."

    “I hear you, but listen to this.  The other morning I’m standing at my toilet taking a whiz and I’m looking out the window into the backyard and I see this bright, blue speck in the grass…”

    “OK, riveting start there, Romeo.  I can't wait to hear where this is going.”

    “It’s this very weird shade of blue.  It’s very vibrant.  I’m thinking it must be like a tiny piece of plastic, a shard of glass, or…I don’t know what.  Then I think it’s a very small weed flower, a very bright one.  I shift the angle I’m looking at it with and all of the sudden it turns green.”


    “Yes, and it’s a very pretty shade of green too.  I move my head to where it was before and it turns back to blue.  I shift it again and it’s green again.    Then I lower my head so far down that it turns yellow.  It was very cool.  Anyway, at that point I realized what it was.  Do you know what it was?”

    “No idea, what?”

    “It was a dewdrop in the grass.  The early morning sun was catching it just the right way to make it sparkle.  The colors were like Christmas tree lights.  You know how sometimes Christmas lights are just so perfect they suck you in, and you find yourself turning off the TV and staring appreciatively at them.”

    “Yeah, I do.”

    “You know, staring at that dewdrop got me to thinking…”


    “Well, at first I was thinking how much it was like you.  You are my little sparkling, colorful, pretty dewdrop in the morning sunshine.”

    “Aw, that’s so sweet.”

    “And I was thinking I wished you had been there with me.  I wanted to show it to you.  It was like an Outcast-Hey-Ya!-video moment.  I had this urge to shout to you, ‘Hey Tara, this video is on again!  Hurray up and get in here, you have to see this!'  But you weren't there.  Someone mentioned their ‘heart meds’ to me the other day.  It made me think of you.  You’re my heart medicine.  When I see you, my heart feels better.  I look at some pretty, picturesque view and all I think is how it pales in comparison to you.  You're my scenic beauty.  When it’s hotter than hell outside and I’m slaving through my day, and a breeze finally kicks up and gives me some relief, that reminds me of you.  You’re my cool, little breeze.  Then I get to thinking about you and I don't care I’m working, because I know I'm going to be seeing you later.  I want that every day, and I want to wake up and see you every morning too.”

    “Yes Dave, you can have that.  I will marry you, but let me warn you...in the morning I'm really not so much of a scenic beauty.”

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