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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Crime/Gangster · #1950289
Another random chapter; a thriller about a daughters fight to prove her fathers innocence.
Evie’s Road

9 am

Eddie runs his hands through Claire’s long brown hair ‘I’m so happy you’re home! I missed this!’ He kisses her forehead.

‘So I bet your Dad’s dancing on the roof tops,’

‘He’s ecstatic!’ Claire beams. She stops and looks at Eddie; looking into his dark brown eyes she says ‘Do you know how much I love you?’

‘How much?’ he teases.

Claire grins 'Hmm...I love you more than I love Ben and Jerry’s!’

‘What…is that it?’ he complains.

Claire looks at him with a serious face ‘You know how much it means to me; and I love you more!’

Eddie laughs ‘I love you too, Claire.’

‘Why?’ Claire grins.

‘Because you’re strong and you’re independent.’ He says running his finger over her bottom lip.

‘And,’ she smiles.

‘And you’re funny and ever caring.’ He says studying her face.

‘And,’ Claire bites her lower lip.

‘And you’re…’ Eddie holds her face in his hands ‘You are so beautiful Claire.’

She leans in and lightly brushes her lips over his. She breathes in his scent and feels the warmth from his face; softly she kisses him.

11 am

‘Claire…Claire,’ Eddie kisses her face trying to wake her ‘Honey, my boss phoned; I’m being called into work.’

‘Now?’ she says with a groggy voice.

‘Now.’ he softly reply’s. ‘I’ll let you sleep.’ He smiles and kisses a once more sleeping Claire and heads to the front door.

1 pm

Ring …Ring…Ring…  Claire reaches over to the phone ‘Hello.’

‘Hello, I’m looking for Claire Grubel,’ an assertive voice says.

‘Speaking,’ Claire answers.

‘Hi Claire, my name is Tony Elliott. I don’t know if you remember me but we met at your father’s trial; I work for The Mercury.’

‘Oh look, I’m not doing anymore interviews?’ Claire goes to hang up.

‘I have some information about the murder of Evie Styles.’ He says.

‘Excuse me?’ Claire is taken a back.

‘Claire, I have information that places William at The Hollows the same night of Evie’s Death.’

‘I’m sorry mate, the trials over. My Dad was proven innocent, all right.  I’m hanging up now!’ Claire goes to hang up

‘Please hear me out. I’ll be in Sydney till ten tonight, can we meet!’ He asks.

‘Look I told you he is innocent! Leave me alone or I’ll call the police!’ she says sharply.

‘Claire, I’m going to call the police myself and inform them of my findings, but I wanted to talk to you first. Please will you meet me? It can be in public.’ He asks.

Claire stays silent.

‘Look if you decide to meet me, I’ll be at Bella’s Cafe in Balmain until ten tonight. I do hope you come.’
Claire abrasively hangs up the phone.

3 pm

Buzz…Buzz ‘Ed?’ Claire says through the intercom.

‘Hey, let me up.’ Eddie rushed over to Claire’s apartment building as soon as he got her message.

Claire pushes the intercom button and opens the front door ajar. Seconds later Eddies face peers around the door ‘Claire,’ he says concerned.

‘Hey.’ She walks over and hugs him. Eddie holds her close.

‘Your message was vague, what’s wrong?’

Claire looks up at him with an angst face and the tears flow.

Eddie walks her over to the couch. He knows Claire well enough not to say anything; he just holds her until she’s ready to speak.

‘I can’t do this again!’ She cries.

Eddie looks at her confused ‘Do what again?’

‘I got a call from this guy who works for The Mercury paper. He said he had proof Dad was near The Hollows the night Evie died.’ Claire rubs her forehead harshly.

‘What?’ Eddie says shocked and shakes his head ‘He’s probably just some kid thug thinking he’s funny’

‘He wants to meet me tonight.’ Claire says

Eddie looks at her in disbelief ‘Well he can go jump!’

‘Eddie, I think I should meet him.’ She says looking into his angry  eyes.

‘No! Claire, you don’t know who this guy is’ Eddie says firmly.

‘Then come with me, Eddie. He said he’s going to call the police, but wanted to talk to me first. I should hear what he has to say don’t you think?’ Claire gets up off the couch and heads for the door.

‘But your father’s finally free Claire!’ Eddie follows closely.

‘He’s going to the police anyways; I want to hear what he has to say!’ She says grabbing her keys.

‘OK, But I am coming with you!’
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