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A desperate letter to king Louis XIII.
To his royal highness, king Louis XIII and his court;

I am Maria Lefèvre, humble wife to your loyal servant, Jon-Luke Lefèvre who hath worked on the Galion de Guise these many years.

I beg you to read this correspondence to its end as I write this upon my knees as if speaking to you in person within the walls of your throne room.

I hath lost my comforter and support to the storm that hath ravaged the coast these past few days; Jon-Luke and my son, Paul would never leave their posts upon the Galion de Guise and I dare not fear they may be lost forever.

Please, I beg of thee. It hath been many days since I have seen them. Take pity upon me and make effort to find my comforter and support. I so wish to hold them in my arms once again.

Your humble servant Maria Lefèvre, head housekeeper.

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What I Hath Lost Too

To my loyal head housekeeper, Maria Lefèvre;

Your pleas hath not fallen upon deaf ears or the hearts of stone. I and my court hath already sent forth parties to search for the Galion de Guise, missing in the persistent storms that still ravage the coast.

However, you are not the only grieving wife or mother who prays for the safe return of their loved ones.

What, in your mind, makes your husband and son more worthy than the others serving upon that ship?

How hath you lost your comforter and support more than any other woman in thy kingdom?

king Louis XIII

To his royal highness, king Louis XIII and his court;

My comforter, Jon-Luke Lefèvre, hath served you since childhood. He hath been your whipping boy throughout the years of school. He also hath been your protector, scout, and messenger outside of school and into adulthood.

I miss the touch of his strong, yet gentle hand as he holds me close. His very presence leaves me at peace and I yearn to feel that peace again.

My support, Paul Lefèvre, my son, hath also served you since he was able to walk. He hath been your jester, your taker of frustrations, and the son you hath never had.

Paul is my promise to my husband that his family name will continue and thrive to the next generation, his and my immortality.

If you doth not feel pity for me, think of this. My comforter and support hath been yours as well. What would you do if they were to be lost to you forever?
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