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Rated: E · Script/Play · Romance/Love · #1951888
An attempt to criticize social standards in the media from the view of a "normal" person.
Act One: Month One

We're in the apartment of Jack Kitchener, 30. He is somewhat of a celebrity; known for off the wall characters in much of his films and has been compared to the likes of Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, etc. The apartment is in a bit of a mess with clothes, scripts and what not thrown about the place. He had just invited over Heather Pullman(25)...

Jack: Sorry about the mess. (Begins to pick up)

Heather: Don't worry about it. It's fine.

Jack: Honestly, I'm really more organized than this.

Heather: Seriously, it's no big deal. It's difficult to keep a clean place. I'm not going to run away.

Jack: What brought you to Los Angeles anyway?

Heather: I just graduated from Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa. Bachelor's Degree in English-Writing Concentration with a minor in Theatre. I am now hoping to make it big with my new position as personal assistant to the editor at Harper's Collins Publishing.

Jack: Hmmm...you speak passionately... (his curiosity lingers) So, what made you choose to be a book editor?

Heather: The hypnotic power of words, my dear friend. They are never ceasing to captivate, to intrigue, to engulf, to entrance, to enchant, to manipulate, to persuade, and to do just about everything and anything that is possible to make literature an art, to make it impressive, bold, distinguished, and just plain amazing! (Plops onto his couch)

Jack: There is something about you Heather. (Pauses for she looks as if she is about to say something, she doesn't.) What? Is that too clich (Moves towards kitchen) Want a drink?

Heather: Tell me you have beer. (He nods) Then I'll take one.

Jack: (Reappears with drinks in his hands) Well, today was exciting.

Heather: I am not sure I enjoy the flashing of cameras everywhere I go. The coziness of the stage is where I love it all. But, you know, people don't care to know my name. All they know is "I'm the mysterious woman who has been caught with Jack Kitchener." Actually the more accurate description of our encounter comes from TMZ: "The plump woman who knocked Jack Kitchener to the ground." They had the nerve to comment on my body type. Everyone else is being nice. But it's true I don't look like a Megan Fox. 

Jack: She isn't even that good looking.

Heather: Ha, thanks for being someone that tells me lies to make me feel better. (Raises beer bottle as if to cheer)

Jack: That was- (There's a knock at the door.) I wasn't expecting anyone. (He gets up to answer it. When opened Heather can instantly tell who it is, by the large purse on her arm. She moves to grab her belongings)

Teresa: Hello, Jack! I have been waiting for you to call. You said that we were going to rehearse our kissing scene.

Jack: I never said anything about rehearsing a kissing scene. (She ignores him and waltzes into the room)

Teresa: Ah, is this that girl I've been seeing all over the covers of magazines? Tell me what's your name?

Heather: Ha, yeah, nice try. I'd rather remain anonymous.

Teresa: Oh, come on baby! You know you want all the people talking about you and the famous Jack Kitchener. It would be your own little entertainment, of course, until everyone suddenly forgets about it as if it never happened.

Jack: Teresa, can we schedule for never? I'd like you to leave.

Teresa: No, no, no, dear, we must practice tonight. This girl here can watch. We could use an audience. Can you critique a movie scene, honey?

Heather: I would rather dine with a bear than watch any of your acting. (Jack stifles laughter)

Teresa: Haughty little girl, aren't we?

Heather: Only towards you. (She moves towards the door to leave)

Teresa: As I thought. (Gloating; she has won)

Heather: (Turns around from the door that she about to exit through) Excuse me?

Jack: Teresa is leaving. (To Teresa) Don't make me throw you out.

Teresa: Fine. I'll show myself to the door. (to Heather) Just remember, I own him. (Exits)

Heather: (still standing by the door) That was strange.

Jack: I have no idea what that was all about. She probably heard that you were here so she had to make her grandiose introduction.

Heather: She seems melodramatic. 

Jack: She really is the worst actress I have ever had to work with!

Heather: (reluctantly puts belongings on the desk near her, she resumes her position back on the couch) Teresa Marquez. The biggest female actress around and Jack Kitchener the biggest male actor around doesn't like her? Beautiful story.

Jack: Only you would find that beautiful.

(End Act one, black out)

Act Two: Month Two

The act opens to the setting of a movie, "Society" Jack and Teresa are in place for the crucial scene: the kissing scene. Jack (Albert) is not prepared; Teresa (Stephanie) is in hysterics that it is about to happen. The two characters, Albert and Stephanie are in Albert's apartment. It's cleaner and more organized than Jack's. Albert Kingston, 30, is the lead singer of a popular new rock band. Stephanie, 25, is just a "normal girl" who somehow ran into him on the streets of Hollywood, while having been there for three months working to be actress.

Albert (Jack): Why not? What's holding you back from...from us?

Stephanie (Teresa): You are, (laughs), you are "Prince Charming" the "white knight" the "tall, dark, and handsome that every young girl is conditioned to desire. It's what we continually search for, at least girls like me. Normal, not pretty, and just plain boring; we search and search, Albert, and wind up wallowing in disappointment. This us, that you speak of could not live in this society.

Albert: Forget the world, forget people! When I am with you I feel like we're the only two people in the world. (Jack starts to laugh)

Director: Cut! (Jumps from chair, approaches Jack) What was that?

Jack: (ever since meeting Heather clich always bothered him) The clich You don't see it? That is the most ridiculous and trite line ever written.

Director: Are you suggesting we change that line then? (The director glared at him, curiously)

Jack: No, Rich, we won't change it. I know you love this script, but these words rolling off my tongue feel powerless.

Director: I am not a Hitler so maybe we can re-work something. I am the writer and everything else for this film so at least you're asking. So what do you propose Albert says then?

Jack: Um, well, I don't know. How about...he just kisses her right then and there? (Teresa giggles)

Director: All right, let's work it. (Everyone resumes his or her places) Action!

Stephanie: You are, (laughs); you are "Prince Charming" the "white knight" the "tall, dark, and handsome that every young girl is conditioned to desire. It's what we continually search for, at least girls like me. Normal, not pretty, and just plain boring; we search and search, Albert, and wind up wallowing in disappointment. This us, that you speak of could not live in this society.

Albert: (Moves in for a kiss, but decides not to.) Since when did society bother you so much? The day I met you sent shivers down my spine, because I knew that this was a girl who was extremely confident. Nothing was ever going to get her down. And if something were to, I'd be there to catch her.

Teresa: (Teresa stops) How about we just read from the script, Jack? You're making this harder than it should be. (Teresa looks surprised) What in the hell is she doing here?

(Jack looks surprised; they meet previously, by her running him down in the streets as she ran to catch a taxi but he had no idea that her job was on the set of his latest film, also hung out at his apartment a few times these passed two months)

Heather: How about we snap that jaw closed before some drool comes out, Teresa? (She turns to Rich the director, writer and producer of this film) Hi, I am Heather Pullman. Your assistant hired me for the job as script editor. Apparently, you Richard Marquez had been looking for some help. I put in an application and here I am.

Director: (shakes her hand, then realizes) Ah, yes! Yes. Heather. I remember reading about you. My producer and partner Brian had great things to say, but I want you to show me what you got.

Heather: Wait? Right now? I thought we were in the middle of filming and then...maybe it'd be decided later if we needed to reconvene to edit the script? I know a bit about film from having taken courses in college, but this is going to be a "show me the ropes" kind of thing.

Director: So, have you done improv before? This is impromptu, I know, but Jack's got this crazy idea that some of the script is "clich so he's been spouting off lines from the top of his head. My daughter, Teresa, she feels kind of lost. Maybe we could use you to supply the lines for now?

Heather: All right. I can give it a try. It's been at least a year since I've been on stage or done any acting at all. Especially improv, but here goes nothing. (A little hesitant and nervous, but she steps up to the plate)

Teresa: This is unacceptable. I auditioned for this part fair and square.

Director: Yes, you did sweetheart, but I just need Heather. She's a writer. What comes to mind against Jack's improv could prove useful to the film. She isn't replacing you.

Teresa: She better not be. (Teresa steps aside, behind the camera) Take it away, Heather. Such a little girl's name.

(Heather ignores her and joins Jack on the apartment set)

Director: Okay, let's do this from Stephanie's line on page 4. Action!

Stephanie: (Heather flips to page 4. Takes a deep breath and begins) You are, (laughs); you are "Prince Charming" the "white knight" the "tall, dark, and handsome that every young girl is conditioned to desire. It's what we continually search for, at least girls like me. Normal, "not pretty," and just plain boring; we search and search, Albert, and wind up wallowing in disappointment. This us, that you speak of could not live in this society.

Albert: (Moves in for a kiss, but decides not to. He's confused by her last comment) Since when did society bother you so much? The day I met you sent shivers down my spine, because I knew that this was a girl who was confident in herself. Nothing was ever going to get her down. And if something were to, I'd be there to catch her.

Stephanie (Heather understands completely. The improv spills out of her): Along the way the thoughts of others become too hard to ignore. We fabricate their thoughts and sometimes people aren't afraid to voice how they think about you. There is no way any person in this world could go a day without thinking they aren't being judged. It was bound to affect me sooner or later. You live in a superficial world, Albert. This shouldn't be news to you.

Albert: (Jack follows up with her, shocked that these words are pouring out of him; it feels easy for him to relate as well) I live in a superficial world? I like to think I am the most open-minded person I can be.

Stephanie: Albert, you are afraid to truly tell people how you feel... And now you just explode, and pour all your feelings on me expecting me to believe their true. (Heather stepped closer to him.)

Albert: (turns away) I don't understand.

Stephanie: (she pauses, regains composure) But...but, as I've said we can't be together.

Albert: Stephanie?

Stephanie: Albert?

Albert: (cups her face in his hands, kisses her, lasts about a minute)

Director: Cut! (Heather and Jack hold the kiss a little longer, the director waits, they finally release) That was astonishing. It as if the two of worked out the subtext in my original work and decided to say it aloud.

Heather: (regains composure with a deep breath)

Director: I would like this improv to continue. Heather, do you think you can remember most of this in some form? I want to start editing and rehashing the script as soon as possible. Maybe 5AM tomor-(Teresa screams like a child throwing a tantrum)

Teresa: What the fuck do you think you are doing? Handing my part over to her? (Gets in her father's face)

Director: Teresa, this is for the better. Don't start with me.

Teresa: Dad! (Stomps feet) Why do you always threaten me? This isn't fair. She hasn't auditioned. She's not a well-known actress. She's not...she's not...

Heather: I am not what? Go ahead say it. You want to say pretty, don't you? You are lost in Hollywood. It's turned you into something bitchy and less than human. I feel sorry for you Teresa. (Teresa's father remains silent and surprised)

Teresa: Do you honestly think that you have the gall to take on this part? The skills? Even the looks? Sweetie, this world will chew you up and spit you out.

Heather: Like it has already done with you. I mean you are pushing what 35? You're getting up there for a woman in Hollywood. And if you're so well-known why are you pandering to Daddy for roles?

Teresa: (within inches of Heather's face; the men remain still, unsure of what to do) Take that back.

Heather: No. It's true and you don't have the gall to face it. My role is as the script editor. I am not here to act or replace someone. The role of Stephanie is still yours.

Teresa: No. (Heather looks taken aback) You heard me. I said no. You can have this role. I will give you the dream. Work with Jack, work with a "Prince Charming" you can never truly make yours. Like I told you before, I own him.

Jack: (speaks up) Um, no you don't. (Teresa only glares at him and makes her exit)

Director: I'm sorry. I had no idea how to stop her.

Heather: I handled it as best I could. What now?

Director: Well, the next scene is Albert and Stephanie the morning after and we all know what happens after that kiss.

(There is a prop kitchen set up adjacent to the living room set. Heather and Jack head over to it as the crew of cameras, etc., follow them)

Jack: Are you all right?

Heather: Yes, I'm fine. Let's just move on.

Director: (once in all place) Action!

Albert: Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie. (He wraps his arms around her as comfortably fills herself a glass of water...she's a bit overwhelmed at how comfortable she is doing this)

Stephanie: Albert, Albert, Albert.

Albert: Funny. Now, what?

Stephanie: Um, we pretend it didn't happen. That's what I'm going to do. (Heather begins to look for Stephanie's belongings around the place. She finally locates them and exits out of the kitchen into the living room with a purse and jacket, still not sure how she was just coming up with this stuff.)

Albert: (He hadn't moved) That's it?

Stephanie: I was lucky, but we still can't be together. It's-

Albert: Society, I know.

(End Act Two)

Act Three: Month Three

One more month of production and the movie has gone through all the channels and is about to hit the big screen. Heather and Jack are in his apartment preparing for the premiere night.

Jack: (fumbling with his tie) You know you are quite the talented writer, actor... whatever it is you did.

Heather: (Already dressed in a nice black dress, showing off her beautiful curves) I guess we wrote by acting. It's hard to say, but considering our own situation...

Jack: Yes, but it's your words that went onto paper.

Heather: No, Jack, not all. You followed my improv, we co-wrote the movie. Your name is listed as a writer too.

Jack: (realizing this for the first time, apparently) Oh, yeah. That's right. I seriously feel like you have done all the work.

Heather: Guess again, my friend. But I did take part in the editing process, as my job had been to do.

Jack: (comes out of the bedroom) Whoa!

Heather: (shocked) What?

Jack: You look amazing.

Heather: Uh-huh, sure. I'll take that compliment as if it came from my gay best friend.

Jack: Heather, why do you ignore the feelings? I may be a man, but I am not stupid and unobservant.

Heather: I can relate Jack. It's society. If people witnessed us together on the streets they would shit bricks and wonder why Jack Kitchener couldn't get anyone better looking. They would assume that this bulge here (pats her stomach) would be a pregnant belly and the only reason "you're with me" is because you've knocked me up. People are vicious and I don't think I could handle it.

Jack: We could handle it together. Give me some credit. I know Hollywood is brutal.

Heather: Comforting, but still not enough. (Jack still fumbles with his tie) As always a man can't tie his own tie. Let me. (She ties it)

Jack: That's why I have you around you know, to tie my tie.

Heather: I knew it. (Laughs)

Jack: It's not the only reason. (Moves to kiss her)

Heather: (jumps away) No! Jack, I have told you many times to forget about it. We're just friends. This is Heather and Jack the good friends.

Jack: You can't shake me that easily.

Heather: Jack! I'm serious. Stop trying.

Jack: I'm tired of the society bullshit, Heather and I don't care what labels the Hollywood paparazzi puts on us. I am falling in love with you and that's something people will have to respect.

Heather: Easier said than done. Yes, I am using a clich but honestly, Jack, have you completely searched your feelings? Do you trust them enough?

Jack: (anger in his voice) That's ironic! You're asking me if I trust my feelings?

Heather: What's that supposed to mean? I know mine very well and they feel nothing for you. (A lie, of course)

Jack: Ha! Keep telling yourself that darling.

Heather: What do you want me to tell you, Jack? Huh? That I am falling head over heels for the famous Jack Kitchener? That I am living every girl's dream from the age of 18 to 40? That I am-

Jack: That you love me! God damn it! You are the most frustrating person. Usually, women are apt to tell me they love the moment they lay eyes on me. With you I try every second of the day. I know it's there and I'd be damned to Hell if I didn't try to pry it out.

Heather: (she says her words so convincingly and with ease) There you go assuming that I love you.

Jack: I wish you hadn't an ounce of acting skills in your bones, because I'd be watching you cripple underneath the weight of your feelings.

Heather: Ah, Jack, keep it up and I'm going to have to hurt you.

Jack: Hurt me? You've been doing that since the day you knocked me the ground. (He laughs) Get it? Because that seriously hurt.

Heather: (Heather plants herself on the couch) Let's be serious. Wow me. I want to hear something that is not clichand I don't want you to use comedy to cover up the awkward tension.

Jack: Heather it is a superficial world, but no one can help whom they fall in love with. Isn't that something you preach all the time?

Heather: (she feels a bit defeated) Fair enough.

Jack: How else am I supposed to say it? When it comes to intimacy there is always clich, trite sayings, and common ones! What surprise do you expect from the words you hold dear? What different phrase, words, and explanations can I say to make you understand that all I'm trying to do is love you? 

(Silence fills the room, as there is a blackout)

Act Four

Lights go up on Jack's apartment, where the small after party is being held in celebration of a hit film, everyone has changed into comfortable clothing. It was a popular "independent film" and some critics love it, others hated it. Heather feels like all of this is a bit overdramatic. Jack can't wait for Teresa, the director (Richard) and Brian (his partner) to leave, but Heather is showing the annoyance more than him. Teresa has also made an appearance Ever since she gave up the role, she'd started drinking; right now she was tipsy.

Jack: Okay, okay, shush. (He stands up and attempts to act out an impression of George Clooney).

Richard (Director): Oh, oh! That's, um, the Ocean's Eleven guy! Not Brad Pitt, but uh-

Heather: (as if she already knew, without enthusiasm) George Clooney.

Jack: Thanks Heather, give them points, why don't you?

Heather: This is getting boring, I'm sorry. I think it's because I'm tired.

Jack: (sits down next to her on the couch) Well, then perhaps it's time for us to call it a night?

Richard: Ah, no, my boy! One more round, please.

Teresa: Yes, yes! And I'm on Jack's team this time.

Heather: (she mutters) Great.

Teresa: What? I didn't quite hear you. If there's something you need to say, please, say it too my face.

Heather: I don't want to get into this right now. Just play the fucking game and then go home. 

Richard: (to break the tension) I suppose that leaves me with you, Brian.

Producer (Brian): Richard, let's kill these youngins, please! (They go first, and draw a slip of paper from a hat. First letting them know it's two words, Brian then imitates the opening of a candy bar)

Richard: Peeling a banana! (Brian shakes his head and then imitates a baseball pitch and hits it with it a bat) Ah! Babe Ruth!

Heather: That's close enough, round over. (she had made the clues so she had been trying to keep her mouth shut)

Jack: That's fine with me.

Teresa: All right, we'll leave you two lovebirds be. The stench is all over you. I can practically see it. The two of you have been sleeping together. He isn't that good, is he?

Heather: Like you know, Teresa. You claim to own him, like he's a dog on a leash, but you don't know a single thing about him. Get over yourself, grow a backbone! Plus, if you stop being a bitch all the time then I am pretty sure everything would become peachy.

Teresa: HA! You know the two of you have been fucking left and right. Seriously, stop trying to hide it, Heather. The tabloids sometimes tell the truth. (She is in Heather's face, gives her cocky grin)

Heather: Why don't you just take your booze smelling breath and get out?

Teresa: What are you going to do if I don't?

Richard: Nothing, is what she is going to do. Let's go, Teresa. (Brian and Richard grab her by the elbow and escort her out, they exit)

Jack: (He continues his exploits) You're going to force me to give up aren't you?

Heather: If it takes my entire life even when I'm married to someone else.

Jack: Very persistent.

Heather: Yes, I am thank you. (Resumes her favorite position on the couch)

Jack: You don't have to look like someone else for me to love you.

Heather: I think I'll go home unless you give it up and talk about something else.

Jack: Heather, you are beautiful. I have no idea why you are letting something so trivial get in the way.

Heather: (stands up in a fury) It's not trivial when you are the one that is going to be constantly berated up and down the street anywhere you go. Did I tell you that I went-I had gone to a Conan O'Brien show because it was something I wanted to do...and there I was recognized? Right outside the studio I was bombarded by a group of women. Then the most vulnerable moment of my life happened. One of the women in line spat in my face and said, "Jack, doesn't deserve a fat, ugly bitch, like you." I felt like I had melted into a puddle of water. (Near tears) I never went to the show, for fear something like that was going to happen inside. Paparazzi stormed down us on me like vultures and they continue to do so. I'd thought it'd die down; eventually people would stop giving a shit, but apparently, we are still headline news on TMZ. The Internet has these websites with photos and forums in which 90% of what is being said is about the fact that I am not a size two. (Gathers things, stands to leave) Look it up some time Jack. (Exits)

Act Five: Month Six

Jack sits alone in his apartment (that is still not clean), he hasn't heard from Heather. It's been another three months. Jack had kept fuming over the last words he heard from Heather; he hasn't taken any other work since she stormed out of his apartment. There is a backdrop behind him that will show an image of the discussion board posts when he has found them.

Jack: Just do it. Just type in "Jack Kitchener and Heather Pullman, the mysterious girl." (He types it in and searches for a link. Once he clicks the image appears, he reads it aloud, almost speaking directly to audience)

KitchenerLover19: This mysterious fat girl needs to get a life. Come on! Jack would never go for her. He probably doesn't even see her anymore after that "run" in they had. Didn't you see? Her fat ass practically knocked him over!

That's what you get for engorging yourself.

(Jack gets angrier at each post read)

ComedyFan22: dude, jack kitchener is a funny man. maybe this is one of his jokes? I mean, he did his first dramatic role recently, but come on! this has to be a joke. he would not lower himself to be with someone like this girl. by the way this girl is not so myterisious anymore. her name is heather pullman. she was in the movie society with him, people!

PictureThis: Ha! Society was a joke of a movie. A tall, dark and handsome man falling for the fat girl? Yeah, Heather wishes that were her real life!

Freethinker: Come on, have a heart people! Let him be with whom he wants.

Jack: Finally! Someone who isn't...isn't stupid. (Continues to read the rest of the comments)

Juicemaker: yo, come on! jack does desirve better than dis heather girl. I'm 18 and ready for some lovin' I could do so much better, jacky boo.


(Jack nearly punches his computer screen, but refrains and reads the last comment; He stares at the last post for several minutes...silent; for some reason he hears Heather's voice reading this post)

(voiceover: Heather)

PassionateWriter: Wow, the vulgarity of the human race never ceases to amaze me. Some day people may be nicer to each other, but I am not going to hold my breath and wish for that day to come. It would be a waste of my time, like this is a waste of my time to tell you people that the place where your heart is supposed to be is a bottomless pit filled with the refuse of feces and disgusting bile. You are scum and that's all you will ever be.

(Image is behind him the entire time he stares at computer screen...then he shuts off the monitor and blackout.)

Act Six: Month Seven

Heather is sitting in a restaurant, alone. She remains hidden as much as the booth could hide her. Reluctantly, she removes the hoody and restlessly keeps looking at her phone as if waiting for someone, who isn't going to show; she hasn't taken another job on a movie set since "Society." She's a one hit wonder. To her surprise, Jack would make an appearance at the same restaurant.

Jack: (upon entering) Yes, yes, that's true. You'll do great.

Teresa: (She's back and has his career on a ball and chain; or so he lets her think) Please, Jack don't screw with me. She's really gone?

Jack: (ignores question) All right, what do you want to eat? I think I'll have (he picks up menu) the chicken sandwich. It's good here or perhaps the wrap? Haven't had the wrap.

Teresa: I don't care what you want to eat. Is Heather really gone?

Jack: Teresa, I didn't bring you out to talk about Heather. Now, let's just eat.

Teresa: (Taken aback, but she smiles, looks around, feeling content when she finds the man with the camera hiding behind the bush across the street) What are the paparazzi going to say if they see us?

Jack: (Oblivious to the set up) Whatever they want to say.

Waiter: (Sets glasses of water down) What can I get you?

Teresa: You're right. Let's eat. (The waiter catches Jack's attention so she smiles in the direction of the photographer)

Jack: We'll have two chicken wraps. (Jack hands over the menus, waiter exits)

(Heather is still sitting, hunched over her food. She keeps looking back at the people sitting behind her, hoping they don't move. Jack shifts in his seat, as the table nearest him bursts out in amusement.)

Person 1: You are Jack Kitchener!

(Heather hears this and bolts to the exit. People stop her.)

Person 2: You are Heather Pullman! I'm such a huge fan. You are truly an inspiration to a college girl like me.

Heather: (Smiles) Yes, yes, thank you, but I really must be going. I am glad you enjoyed the movie.

Jack: Why yes I am- Wait, Heather? (He jumps up swearing he heard someone say her name. He quickly signs a napkin for the fan and follows the glimpse of a girl he saw running out, blackout)

Act Seven

Scene is set up outside the restaurant. Jack has indeed stopped Heather. There is a bench outside the restaurant. 

Jack: Hear me out, Heather. It's been three months.

Heather: (she looks up and rolls her eyes) Jack, I don't want to talk to you. You and Teresa seem to be doing well.

Are you that easy to conform and bend to her will?

Jack: You were in the restaurant then? Teresa means nothing. I was just satisfying her...to-to get her off my back.

Heather: (ignores explanation) Fine, talk, Jack. We'll talk right here. OH--LOOK! How conveniently, this bench was placed? (she gestures for him to sit)

Jack: So sarcastic. (He sits, not arguing anymore) But please-

Heather: Jack, I don't want to go through this again.

Jack: This isn't particularly about us. It sort of is (she looks like she is going to interrupt) AH-ah, shut up and  listen to me! I looked up one of those discussion boards awhile back and I just can't believe... I mean...(he pauses) I think this particular message board I happened to click on was one that you yourself had been to. (He produces a piece of paper from a pocket) Does this look familiar to you?

(As Heather reads the paper, an image of the last discussion board comment is displayed behind them)

Heather: (without hesitation) I do recognize this. I wrote it.

Jack: I figured as much. There was something familiar about it. (He laughed) The irony is that those people have no idea.

Heather: That's why I figured it would be no harm to respond, but why have you kept it all this time?

Jack: I have called and called you and you've been ignoring the calls.  I really needed to know if this was you, because each time that I recollected those disturbing posts I read this as a reminder that there are some redeeming qualities about people in the world. This was hope in a superficial world, Heather. You.

Heather: You and your dramatic, romantic ways, never cease to amaze me. (she smiles, but then it fades) But what cancels that out?

Jack: Nothing does, Heather. I haven't looked at the Internet since and frankly probably never will again. But what I want you to know is that- that I love you. And that should be enough.

Heather: No.

Jack: (Moves closer) Yes.

Heather: Jack, I'm serious. I don't want to (near tears).

I can't live in your world.

Jack: Yes you can, trust me.

Heather: No, I can't. It may mean I have extremely low self-esteem, but I don't care. Society will never have us.

Jack: Heather! (He is near tears)

Heather: (The tears sting her, but she doesn't show it.) No, Jack. No, no no! I can't. (She moves to leave; he pulls her back from the waist. He holds her from behind, she doesn't move)

Jack: Heather, this is ridiculous and I know you know that. Please, don't- why?

Heather: (Turns around and faces him. She plants a kiss on his lips...) Jack, I love you. But we can't...we can't be together. (She quickly exits)

Jack: (nearly in tears, but anger takes over) You know what, FUCK SOCIETY! (he quickly exits after her)


End Play

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