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Small story just wrote
The musty smell of hay and horses reached my nose hours before the rooster's caw this mornin. It's abnormal I suppose for a person of as few years as me to rise early and work. To tell you the truth though, in this family normality is abnormal. There's four of us, my sister Hannah, her husband Mason, my husband Tanner, and me. We are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill family, mainly due to the fact that we all live together. My sister and her husband are ranchers, Tanner is a firefighter, and me well I'm just me. I don't do much with the animals, I help out don't get me wrong, I mainly just cook and garden. Its difficult for people who don't know us to understand us, even if they do know us chances are you still don't understand us. I am 18, have been for a few months now. I guess that you are probably wondering why I just keep explaining random crap that most no one cares about, well now darlin that you will have to wait to find out but I do agree lets get back to today.
As I lay and breath in the sweet Texas air, Tanner stirs beside me turning and wrapping his arm around me. I smile and lay thinking about the days we had behind us and the many more we still had in front of us. As the darkened sky slowly lighted I squirmed my way out of his grip and let out a small gasp as my feet hit the cold floor and the light from the window showed my breath as little clouds of wispy smoke. I shivered as I stood and made my way down the stairs to the kitchen to begin making breakfast for the hungry mob that would soon acned upon me. I giggle as I think about Hannah and her food cravings now that she is with child. She always eats dry cereal and pickles now. Mason likes sausage, Tanner likes bacon, and I like what ever is left over.
The stairs send off a warning in the form of a creak as someone made their way down into the kitchen. Tanner smiles and tells me that the bed is much warmer with me in it. I laughed and said I reckon that I would be cold to me too if he scurried out at odd hours of the morn. Soon as I had the sausage cookin Hannah and Mason entered the room with Hanna growling something about Mason using all the soap. He rolls his eyes and grabs a mug and some coffee......

I hope you enjoyed this if you want to read more let me know! This is just a sample!!
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