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by Gary
Rated: E · Poetry · Business · #1952393
Success is no secret, it’s been done before
Haves and Have Not’s

I often write of sorrow.
I often write of pain.
I often write of broken hearts
and loves no man can tame.

I always write for pleasure;
It doesn’t pay the bills.
My trade is in the business world
and I’m always making deals.

So this poem’s a little different
than what I’ve done before.
It speaks of our financial means,
a subject I adore.

As we travel onward
to the final word we see,
Perhaps we’ll learn a little more
about prosperity.

There are two kinds of people
in this world that we all got,
There are those who seem to have it all
and those who have it not.

I’ve stood on both sides of the river
where opportunity flows;
I felt the thrills of victory
and a failure’s painful woes.
I’ve watched my ship come sailing in
and I’ve watched it sink in sight.
One thing I’ve learned through all the years
is you must keep up the fight.

Often I wonder why
I have been so blessed.
I look at all I have in life,
and I must attest:
Some look at me with envy,
they want what I have got,
But I have been where they are now
and it’s not a pleasant spot,
To wake up every morning
with an empty purse,
To see the vultures at the door
and nothing to disburse,
Yet many that I see and watch
complain and nothing more.
Do they not know that eagle’s fall
if they fail to soar?

Some plan to win the lottery.
Some hope grandma will die.
Some just sip upon a beer
and let life pass them by.
Some are poisoned by the pills
that pollute a productive mind.
Some will never even know
that they’ve been left behind

Success is no secret.
It’s been done before.
Success has no preference
for the rich or the very poor.
If you want more than you’ve got now,
you’ve got to light the fire;
You’ve got to feel it in your bones;
You’ve got to ardently desire.

Take a look and look around
and see what you can find.
Most anything we’re doing now
can easily be refined.
Find a need then fill it;
That's all that it will take.
Soon you’ll have your cake and eat it
and also fill your plate.

There are no obstacles to hold you back
once you see the prize,
Just tiny, little hurdles,
opportunities in disguise.
So good luck with your adventure.
I hope to see you soon.
Perhaps we’ll share a drink or two
at the Ritz Tycoon Saloon.
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