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Autumn, dressed in majestic colors, whispers words of love in the wind.
Autumn's majestic trees,
dressed in dancing leaves;
painted with crimson, cinnamon,
whispers golden dreams.

Aromas arise from black pots,
simmers over scented coals.
A mixture of apples, cloves,
spices and tart candy hearts.

Stirred by exotic gypsies,
clothed in majestic gowns,
of scarlet, turquoise, purple velour.
Cupid adds a heavenly punch.

It is said if two partake
of this erotic recipe of punch.
They feel euphoric, a sensual rush;
anxious to fall into eternal love.

It is autumn once again,
the wind is rising;
the air is wild with leaves.

Listen to the magical wind,
It is whispering our future.
We need to drink once again."

His gentle hand is strong in hers.

By Kathie Stehr

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