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For after all life is an oxymoron...
I can say, but can't do

I'm serious, but I'm care free

I'm a bitch, but I'm nice

I love yaoi, but I'm straight

I'm honest, but I lie

I'm a loner, but I have friends

I'm loved, but I hate

I'm caged, but I'm free

I'm hateful, but I love

I'm young, but I'm wise

I'm not religious, but I pray

I'm crazy, but I'm sane

I'm smart, but I hate school

I want more freedoom, but I don't want to grow up

I'm a sinner, but I'm going to heaven

I'm wise, but I'm immature

I hurt, but I smile

I'm strong, but I'm weak

You acknowledge me, but I don't exist

You see me, but you don't know me

I'm happy, but I frown

We're all equals, but we're prejudiced

I'm simple, but I'm complicated

Life's a game, but I'm not a player

I'm a player, but not in the game
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