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Shrunken by Pre-teen girls
Yesterday you were living the life you were in college partying around everywhere with sorority girls and volleyball teams. The next day you woke up to a girl shaking you awake. “Hey little man it is getting time for my party and I want all the little people who are going to be eaten to be awake”. “What the hell are you talking about” you said. “Well Simon I saw the way you acted in college and I think that you need to learn a lesson and the girls and I will be happy to teach you that lesson along with the rest of the little people” the girl said. “What is going to happen to me” you ask. “Well little man you are going to come with me to the basement and all the other girls are here for my party” she said. She then carries you to the basement. She went down to the basement and you saw that her basement was filled with party streamers and balloons. There were about ten girls there too. Some of the younger girls looked like they were about twelve and the older girls looked like they were about fifteen. You were brought to a table with a bunch of bowls. You looked down into the bowls and saw that there wasn’t m&ms in them or chips, but little humans like yourself all struggling to get out.

“Why are they in there” you tried to ask the girl who was holding you, but then you looked back at the bowl and see a girl with long black hair, huge boobs and a nice ass she was also about fifteen years old. This girl reached her hand into the bowl and took a handful of shrunken people and popped them into her mouth. She then chewed them up. All you could hear was people who have not been eaten screaming inside the girl’s mouth and the bones of other people’s bodies breaking. You pissed your pants in fear, but the girl who was holding you did not notice. You watched girls reach into that bowl more and more and more. All you could hear was screams and crunching. You didn’t notice that a blonde headed fifteen year old had approached the girl who was holding you and said “Emily can I please have that little guy in your hand”. “Why sure he is all yours to do what you want with” Emily said handing you to the new girl. You coward in fear, thinking that she was going to eat you like the other girls were eating the people in the bowl. “Oh boy you look super cute, this is going to be fun” the girl said.

You have prepared for the worst. Then the girl takes you into another room just off the basement and put you down on the bed and said “little man just wait for me to come back. Make sure you lose the clothes too” the girl said. She then left the room and seeing no other choice you began to take your clothes off of your body. You are soon naked standing on the bed. Then the blonde walks back into the room chomping on some little people. “Well little man you are next” she said. “No no no please don’t eat me I beg of you please don’t eat me” you begged. “Eat you? No you are just too cute to be eaten I want you to help me lose my virginity” she said as she began to take off her shirt to reveal her pink bra. Then she takes off her jean shorts to reveal that she was not wearing any panties! She then lied down on her bed and said “Come on little man help me pop my cherry”. You did not need any more of an invitation because this is a dream come true for you. You run at her waiting pussy and break into it. “AHHHH wow Simon that feels amazing, keep going” the girl said. You keep pushing further and further into her pussy when you hear her scream and then say “hold on little Simon I am cumming”. You then feel what feels like water pushing you out of this girl’s pussy. You then come out of the pussy onto the bed.

“Wow Simon that was amazing, but while I was screaming, another girls came in this is Hope, she is fourteen years old and would like to keep you for the rest of your life and I said that it is fine, because no one knows where you are and it seems that you like being a shrunken toy for teenage girls, so without further adduce here is Hope” the blonde said. She then picks you up to show you a girl who was standing by the door in her lime green panties and a white shirt. She was a red head with developing breasts and a nice butt for her age. “Hi Simon I will be you keeper for the rest of your life I hope you love this” Hope said as she too you from the blonde. “Thanks Amber I hope that you had your fun” Hope said. “Yes I did hope you enjoy him” Amber said as she walked out of the room. “OK Simon hope you enjoy your life with me” Hope said as she threw you into her panties. She then closed them and everything went dark.

The End

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