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Implementing what we read
We all appreciate good things to read, write and even advise but in practical life,

Its really very difficult to implement and apply such things as human life is much more influence with emotions as compare to principles and Ideals.

What to do to cope up negative emotions?


It is true that we are all influenced by emotions. Pleasure and pain generally drive us much more than knowledge.

Fear immobilizes most people and stops them from reaching their goals and living a life of abundance.

Most people have a favorite negative emotion - be it sadness, worry, depression, anger etc. which overpowers their life and limits their full potential from flowering.

Surely, self mastery cannot be complete without mastery of our emotions.

In fact, our dominant and powerful emotions averaged over time give away our level of consciousness.

All of have work to do so we dwell less and less in negative emotions and give much more energy to positive emotions such as empowerment, optimism, joy, enthusiasm etc.

All the "good things" we read about are ideals to strive for.

Reading by itself is just the beginning.

Even after the reading, the gap between what we read and who we are still remains.

That gap has to be bridged by repeated listening, contemplation, sharing of our experiences and ideas with others, and striving our best to put what we read into practice.

In Vedanta this is broken down into

Shravanam (Listening/Reading),

Mananam (Contemplation) and

Nidhidhaya (Practice).

In addition to the study of spiritual knowledge, practices such as yoga and meditation obviously help in becoming more positive.

Physical health and fitness is another vital component that is often overlooked.

When the body is fit, there is more vibrant energy, and it is easier to stay positive. Self mastery is a life long process.

The more we strive to reach these ideals we read about, the more we make them our personal philosophy, the more we close the gap between book knowledge and true wisdom, the more practical it seems and the easier it becomes to implement.
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