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A ship stops at an interstellar port.
Written for the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge with a word limit of 300.

The prompts: This story must contain the line: What planet are you from?

Interstellar Hookup

“Captain, you may want to wake up.”

“What? Huh…are we under attack? Fire the port phasers! Begin evasive maneuvers!”

Edmund, the ship’s Artificial Intelligence rolled his non-existent digital eyes. 

“No, Captain.  We are not under attack.  We’re docking at Theta Station.  You may want start getting dressed.  The Chancellor’s Ball will already be starting by the time you get there.”

“Ah, yes.  Well then.  Carry on Edmund.  By the way, did you put in my request for an escort?  I hope you remembered to tell them about my allergies to Andarian fur as well as my preference for Tripedian Dancing Waifs.”

“Yes, Captain.  I sent in the Companion Request last month.  I’m sure they’ll have something to your liking.  After all, that’s what these stations specialize in – taking good care of their interstellar guests.”

Not for the first time, Edmond marveled at the fact that he’d evolved from “that.”  How could weak-minded, soft bags of meat be responsible for the vast intellect of a ship’s AI? 

While he did enjoy his digital existence, Edmond couldn’t help but feel like little more than a parking valet.  The entire store of universal information was at his fingertips; and yet he spent his time tapping thruster jets and …”Wait!  Is that who I think it is!”

Edmond could feel the rush of uranium enriched energy gel as it accelerated through his systems.

It was definitely “Her” – The needle ship Serpentine.

She was a thing of beauty.  Edmond slid nonchalantly into an adjacent spot.  As he did so, he flipped through infinity to find just the perfect opening line. 

Then, “Hey girl.  What planet are you from?”

The Serpentine responded quickly with, “Edmond, you old dog!  Are you glad to see me or is that an escape pod you have strapped to your belly?”

Word Count 300
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